Friday, October 31, 2008

Hawks @ Magic - 10/28/08

Well, the best intentions for an Opening Game Recap was corrupted by my DVR when it decided to record 480 minutes of HD footage of 30 Rock. I know you're thinking - hey, isn't that a 30 minute show? ....Uh, EXACTLY! So, since I was at an event during the game, I am going to have to do this from reading other news reports,,, and other blogs. That said, this will not happen again or at least let it happen when we are playing the Thunder at home and winning by 60.

Game Feedback - Hawks 99, Magic 85

Str8 Butter Award - From all appearances, JSmoove was the man with the A Town plan. With Flip abusing JJ, Joe Johnson putting up an effecient 25, how did JSmoove get the Str8 Butter Award? Well, to fill a stat line like JSmoove's without a turnover, well - that's certifiably butt-ishious!

Starter Kudos/Smackdown -
  • Horford - Almost a double double on only 7 shots. Great on one hand (we like efficiency!), but it seems like a concerted effort should be made at SOME point to establish Al in the post. Or maybe I should say - maybe we can establish anyone in the post. Yes, we should be running all season long, but post game...occasionally, that's called a value add
  • Johnson - Like we said, efficient, quiet, 55% from the field. That's our Joe
  • Bibby - Hmmm, I think we've found our dud of the game. Fortunately, this dud didn't spoil the batch. I kept seeing folks on blogs talking about how refreshing it was for us to win without the PG's best. And we'll agree for now, but I need for my point guard worth $14M to perform better than Acie Law or he needs to be traded.
  • Evans - We know this is a one game start, but maybe we can convince the staff to make it permanent. I keep saying - having Marvin as the Manu-like Super Sub off the bench is mighty enticing to me. Esp. if he's taking shots away from JSmoove, Horford, and JJ. So, why not go for defense and spot up shooting?
  • JSmoove - See Str8 Butter Award, though 2 3pters is 2 3pters too many. The worst thing that can happen to NJSJ (No Jump Shot Josh) is a belief that jump shots are a part of your game. As long as this is happening, downgrades to Woodson and whoever is passing the ball to him outside of the 3pt line.
Bench Kudos/Smackdown
  • M. Williams - Just trying to get used to writing something about him in the Bench section
  • Pachulia - Can't say it loud enough...more '06 Zaza. Make your free throws, play some D, do the dirty work. If you can do that as the backup center, you sir can be a part of our Atlanta Hawk playoff-bound squad. Love the first game results.
  • Law - 15 minutes of game time, I love it. Doesn't matter if he was 0-10 with 5 fouls, no assists, and 10 turnovers, just let the man play. Oh, did I mention that he had 0 turnovers! Yep, play Acie!!! Anything to eliminate some ill fated thought that Craig Claxton is going to play for us this year. Craig Claxton, Stephon Marbury, and Eddy Curry all should be enjoying similar fates this year - it's called Splinter-itis!
  • Murray - Good news - Murray put some instant offense up. Bad news - if you can't abuse JJ 'Bust of the Decade' Redick, then you don't deserve to play in the NBA anyway. So, good start, but we'll reserve judgment for a few more games
  • West - Look, I'm a Ga. Tech alum and how do I say this delicately? I didn't ever go to a game at Tech saying - I'd like to see how well Mario does tonight. So, push that same thought over to professional b-ball love and things haven't changed. Bottom line, save it being a blow out or Woodson sending a message about heart and effort by a mass benching of players - I don't want to see West on the court, period. Not hating on West (get that paper, bro), but significant playing time for West equals ping pong balls
  • Jones - Not sure about the new Jones yet, reserving judgment
  • Morris - Save use for Hack-A-Shaq purposes, a DNP is about right. I'll look for him to be towel waving though at the game on Saturday. Team spirit is necessary.
Coaching Kudos/Smackdown

Without seeing the game (damn DVR), I can't say much other than - how is JSmoove still not understanding that jump shots aren't his friend and why is Mario West playing during a competitive part of the game? Maybe I'd understand if I saw the game, but otherwise - great job, Mike. Road victory, the words "Don't Be Satisfied" on the bulletin board after the game (though I could be giving you credit for someone else's work on that one). All I can say is - keep the head shaved, my brother. Maybe the hair was the problem all these years....(in fact, is there some scientific way we can prove this to be true? how sweet would that be? I'd be able to watch competent coaching for the first time since we moved into Highlight Factory. Wow, how low my expectations have become?)

Str8 Talk Love

Can't say much, but watching 5 blocks - playing grown man basketball with the man child D. Howard and seeing dunks and veterans (the true grizzled type) on the court. All love!!!

Season Prediction

Beating the SE division champs on the road is basically a game I didn't think we'd win, so let's add a victory to the starting prediction of 40-42! We're at 41-41. That's .500, baby. Let's see where we can go with this thing.

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