Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The NBA Grind Begins...

With the season starting tonight, a few friends have asked why would I start this blog when there are plenty of other capable Hawks bloggers and beat reporters covering the team, so here's some answers:

1. Because I love the Hawks and I wanted to express that in a forum while also being honest about my squad. Sometimes, hands are bound from saying what TRULY should be said (I'm sure Sekou Smith can't say everything he wants to say about the Hawks at the AJC and I know some media folks are so blinded by hate or love that they can't say what needs to be said...Me, I love the Hawks, but blinders will be left at the door.
2. Because while my e-Newsletters around the country (ATL LowDown, LA LowDown, The D, Houston LowDown, etc - visit www.e-streetteam.com for more details on the best in event distribution) require witty things to say each week, I actually get tired of writing that stuff each week. Sports and the Hawks is the proverbial Fountain of Youth...come get some.
3. Did I say b/c I want to...

Ok, now, I'm sure you want to know what to expect, so here's the format for what you'll see each week:

Game Feedback (we'll try to do a game recap for all games)
  • Str8 Butter Award - the Player of the game
  • Starter Kudos/Smackdown - The positives and negatives for the starters
  • Bench Kudos/Smackdown - The positives and negatives for the bench
  • Coaching Kudos/Smackdown - The positives and negatives for the coaching staff
  • Str8 Talk Love - Blurb about the essential things for the casual fan such as Fine Lady Quotient per game, how many times Josh Smith smacks a ball into a cat's mouth or dunks on someone's head.
  • Season Prediction - We'll track how well we are doing by the prediction for our season record.
Week's Thoughts

  • Str8Talk Game Ops - Update on things pertaining to the Mascots, Dance Team, Other Entertainment, Food, Contests, Giveaways, Seats, Ushers
  • Str8Talk Blastoff - Anything that strikes my fancy as we make our way through different areas of Philips Arena (celeb sightings, box seating, club level experience, pre-game and post-game, etc)
  • Str8Talk Outreach - Any Hawks Community Efforts will be addressed here
  • Str8Talk Mailbag - If anyone dares to email or comment on the blog, we'll address as much of that here as we can
Look out for the upcoming prediction edition of of Str8Talk!!!

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