Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bobcats @ Hawks - 11/21/08

Until we see JSmoove's return and healthier versions of Al and Zaza, we maintain that we'll try to ease up on the criticisms and just bank victories. Case #2 (Washington being #1) was this game vs. the Bobcats. Win game, ask questions ... never. Let's get to the team analysis.

Game Feedback - Hawks 88, Bobcats 83

Str8 Butter Award - Again, (apologies to Joe) Marvin gets back to back Str8 Butter Awards. A first this year and admittedly, unexpected. Even with him being the obvious 'step up your game' candidate. Maybe all this ribbing and challenging of his manhood is paying off. Put your double, doubles up!

Starter Kudos/Smackdown -

* Pachulia - let's just be fair - didn't do much, but being a warrior and just giving some minutes to keep us from more Randolph Morris floor time works for us.
* Johnson - A Joe Johnson special - dropped 30 smooth and put some dimes on it. I love that he has that LeBron like ability to get dimes and pts, though it's worrisome that our point guards are unable to provide any assists esp. on a team that now has SHOOTERS (who'd a thunk that this time last year)
* Bibby - Hit some big shots and for that we're grateful. What we're not so grateful for is his inability to keep a speedy PG in front of him. Again, I think our defensive philosophy is to funnel these guys to Josh and let him erase their ability to keep folks in front of them. Well, Josh is injured, so defensive philosophy B should be in the offing...right?
* Williams - Only thing I can complain about right now is the AND 1 watch - still waiting on you to hit a bucket in the lane while you're being fouled.
* Horford - With a little surprise 30 minutes, a dunk - no relapse on the ankle...we'll take it. obviously, he was injured, but again - can we just TRY and pass it to him in the post and see if he can replicate Chicago Beast Mode Al again? Shouldn't we just attempt to see if he's got that for us each game.

Bench Kudos/Smackdown

* Law - Break the record skip called Acie's in the Doghouse...and let's hope this is permanent. No, he wasn't killing anything, but he wasn't hurting the squad playing with Joe and Bibby. Let Acie play the game - his confidence is shot and we have to build it back...please, Mike. How about a 20 minute effort against the Cavs.
* Murray - Another tough night offensively, but no attempt to do big things defensively. thanks Mike for playing Acie when you saw what Flip was giving us.
* Jones - Feeling real good about seeing Solo in the game these days. Energy, blocks, a presence. Rotation status is secure.
* Evans - The unsung hero of the game - double double, good minutes, and basically debunking my theory of having you in the starting lineup and marvin on the bench. Sorry guys - I was wrong (well, at least until game 20 when we're back healthy and I have to figure out why we aren't 15-5).
* Morris - DNP
* Hunter - DNP
* Gardner - DNP
* Smith - Inactive

Coaching Kudos/Smackdown

I will congratulate Mike on any victory that includes Acie with over 15 minutes on the floor, so congrats Mike. I will resist all other attempts to criticize you today (I'm sure those thinly veiled shots in the player commentary would make that resistance seem futile).

Str8 Talk Love

1. The Crowd - Winning 2/3 of our games couldn't have gone about with lesser fanfare. People stop bloggin', emailing, and watching on TV and get down to Philips. If you need a deal, holla at me - I'll get you one, but get there.
2. The Overscene - Friday nights are normally gold for the scene - well, let's say that we were killed by the Bobcat effect. A combo of a bunch of unknown NBA players and a sorry team means - the game was not really that celebrity filled. Guess there were other things to do in town...who knew?
3. Our experiences - Let's see here - thanks to my lovely and trusted assistant Lisa..we happened upon a few trends that the cold has brought out. The first one - fur..yes, Pamela Anderson woulda had a fit b/c the ladies (and more disturbingly, the fellas) came out with the finest of rabbit and chinchilla. Yes, it's a little cold, but let's not pull out the long johns and cashmere earmuffs yet. I was also fortunate enough to catch a t-shirt in the stands (this being the 3rd time out of probably 300 games over the past 12 years) and of course, my assistant shamed me into giving it to some lil' kid. Normally, I'd feel great about this, BUT this kid also was given a basketball that was thrown in the stands. Sorry, but two giveaways for the kid is one too many. I worked hard for that t-shirt. Thanks, Lisa.
4. The Honey Quotient - For a Friday, it was awful. No liquid leggings, though TONS of leggings in general (I guess that's the new thing - I hear American Apparel had a sale)) and I can only guess that the groupies had better options on a Friday night in an attempt to meet rich young men.
5. Hawk Shouts - Missed my man Harlee, but Stacie, Boma, and Will held me down. See y'all next week.
6. The After Party - Again, no after party, BUT one last random non-Hawks related comment (other than the fact that it happened at the Hawks game?) - what would you call a person who can't keep their Grand Marnier in the plastic martini glass? A liquor rookie, nervous in the surroundings, intimidated by calm, cool, collectedness of such handsomeness, or something else...haven't settled on it yet and won't name any names, but if you can't handle your liquor with the care and love it deserves - what else does that say about said individual :). There must be some kind of sanction or penalty for these kinds of transgressions. Just can't go spilling Grand Ma all willy nilly.

Season Prediction
44-38! Yep, a one game bump people...let's see how we can continue to make the climb. One.

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