Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bucks @ Hawks - 11/26/08

It's Turkey Day. I'm stuffed, got a case of the 'itis, so let's just keep it simple.

Hawks 102, Bucks 96

I'm going to keep trying my damnedest to keep some perspective about this thing. We are 9-5! We are at .500 on the road. 5-1 at home. 10 of those games were without Josh Smith, so the fact that we're winning them and the fact that we let 3 games go that we shouldn't have (the Pacer and Nets games) makes me feel like we should have a better record than we should. If you would have said on Oct. 1st, the Hawks will be 9-5 - I'd have slapped you, then took you to a medical facility.

Sooo, I say all that to say - for all my rants about the coach and some player traits - I can say with confidence that the Hawks are better than I ever thought we'd be. Everything that's said is from the championship/perfectionist point of view. So, for this game, no complaints...we banked a victory. Al got the rock, got more than 10 shots..Acie played (though we'd like about 20 minutes a night), so any other analysis is suspended, so eat mo' turkey and we'll talk to you on the next go round.

Shouts to Harlee, Andre, Kim, Marlon, TC, Howard, Carla, and all the other folks we saw out at the game. Big up to the Four Seasons (where we had drinks to celebrate the Hawks victory and bumped into Sir Charles Barkley - super nice guy!) and Trois for hosting a pre-thanksgiving party for the young professionals of the A-T-L!

We'll see how we deal with the post-Thanksgiving Toronto/Washinton back to back...need a split at worse.

Obama to you!

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