Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hawks @ Bulls - 11/11/08

Ok, we're finally at a point where I can actually call a victory. I said we'd win and bam, victory! The blog is still undefeated. Don't know what it feels to lose, really. Gotta love that. This time we won with OFFENSE. Love to see the defense, but seeing us step up and knock down shots in the 4th and not have them all be Joe Johnson and Josh Smith luck shots was enlightening.

Listen, this isn't a title contender. I'm not that crazy, but challenging for and possibly winning a division title and a playoff round would be HUGE for this team. We're still young, still probably need a big man with post moves (which could be found in ...uh, Al Horford - more on him later), but until then - let's ride the way and see how these young Hawks face the mighty Celtics. Nothing would erase the first 6 games, but whether we can stand up to the fight without Josh Smith would say volumes about the staying power of this team. Either way, let's go ahead and speak truth to power - Hawks 8-1 by the end of the week!

Game Feedback - Hawks 113, Bulls 108

Str8 Butter Award - We been screaming for Horford touches and boy did we get it - 27, 17, and 5 blocks. All we can say is listen to the Str8Talk and see the offensive flow flourish. Can't remember when we had an inside out game. Now, let's make it rule vs. anomaly.

Starter Kudos/Smackdown -

* Horford - See above...the big dog ate tonight!
* Johnson - Let's look at the positive - normally, if Joe doesn't shoot well or score well - we lose. Not tonight and that's without Osh Smith. Big positive...
* Bibby - Huge 3s in the 4th quarter. I mean HUGE!! While Derrick Rose was roasting him on the other end of the court, the only thing that can make up for that is smooth offense and huge 3s. Mission Accomplished!
* Williams - Is it me or is Marvin the quietest guy ever? I just don't remember when he's on the floor - don't feel like he's doing much when on it, and don't miss him when he's off it. Please make your presence felt, bro. even if it's poppin' some one in the mouth again.
* Pachulia - Great work in the paint. We might start saying that the '08 Zaza is the 06 Zaza. '07 Zaza is dead to us.

Bench Kudos/Smackdown

* Evans - Big Mo - just like Bibby...big 3s, huge ones! Gotta love it, baby. Uh, starting role, please.
* Law - well, at least you got up a shot and a foul tonight or else the trillion dollar line. Acie meet Mike, Mike meet Acie
* Murray - Finally an off night, but the upside is that we won and didn't feel any lack of confidence with him in the game.
* Jones - With Horford dominating the paint, Solo wasn't needed, but with the lack of a post presence for the Bulls - it would have been nice to see Solo turning away Rose and the defending the paint. Even to see some of Solo's alleged post game.
* West - Still don't get the come in cold to guard against something strategy, but we're 6-0! So, I'm going to shut up.
* Morris - Was in for a quick minute and I missed him, but with nothing but minutes on the box score says that there wasn't much to see.
* Hunter - DNP

Coaching Kudos/Smackdown

6-0. Again, Can't. Criticize. let's encourage things - like Horford touches and Acie minutes. No criticism, but just improvements and suggestions.

Str8 Talk Love
6-0...finally a chance to watch the games live. And it was extremely calming to see the Hawks - the only anxiety is thinking about the Hawks I'm used to vs. seeing the NEW Hawks with new attitude (sing it, Patti)!

Season Prediction

Ok, tomorrow is D-Day! Are we for real? Can we win? Can we make it a game? Or another blowout...not sure the outcome, but it's certainly Bibby redemption time and time to put today's offensive show up against our defensive tenacity of the rest of the season. Team First! Let's get it Hawks!! You win this and season predict stock (which started at 40-42, might sky rocket to 50 win levels) - let's see how we can cure our past road woes. Call this our Iowa Primary!!!

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