Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hawks @ Pacers - 11/18/08

We're going to suspend the long diatribe today since we started the game without fire and then found Al hobbling to the locker room and just knew that it wasn't going to end well. So, I stopped watching and went out for dinner and drinking. While I was torn about that, the end result was - dinner and drinking is essential to life. Another Hawks loss - not so much.

Game Feedback - Pacers 113, Hawks 96

Couple of thoughts:
1. Why the #$@@$ can't Acie get in the game when we are short handed? I mean, seriously, the end of the third quarter and garbage time in the 4th quarter. SERIOUSLY, Mike. He seriously is getting in the game AFTER Randolph Morris and Othello Hunter.
2. Repeat the above. I can't knock any other part of the game b/c it was lost when Al was called out for the game. There's no way that we can win without players b/c our coach isn't good enough to come up with a plan B or make adjustments on the fly. Sorry, but I have to call it like I see it. And if Acie isn't good enough to get in the game before Hunter or Morris (and yes, I know that we need big men, but if they are sub-standard, then why not just play small ball and run them and hope that your shots fall to give yourself a chance to win the game).
3. You should never believe that the game is OVER just b/c a player goes down. If Anthony Morrow can go for 37, then someone can step up and carry us for one game. Not a long term solution, but ....oh nevermind! I sure am glad I went out for dinner and drinks...

Can't help thinking that we may be 6-6 before the week is out. Josh, Al come back soon...

Season Prediction: may be injury aided, but we're back to our original top end expectation for the team.

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