Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hawks @ Thunder - 11/9/08

As I was watching the Miami Dolphins victory on Sunday, I was reminded that there are no bad victories, so after watching the Hawks lose a $#$# load of these over the past 6 years where we were the better team and lost. Or were the best team that night against a great team and just gave it away. Winning on the road without Osh Smith with less than our best effort makes this the best victory of the season to me. if you disagree, uh....you can do that, but go back in time and understand that the Hawks have beaten the best many times each season - it's the middling to terrible teams that we've lost to too often. That said - 5-0, baby! Dare we get greedy and look past the Bulls to the Celtics! As a fan, I say we got 6-0 and that's how crazy this season has been. I'm actually looking past teams - Hawks don't do as I do!

Game Feedback - Hawks 89, Thunder 85

Str8 Butter Award - On a night when we needed an inside presence, I'm giving 1/2 butter to Marvin and 1/2 butter to Solomon Jones! Just know that I'm ready to give Horford some love, but he needs the rock to do that.

Starter Kudos/Smackdown -

* Horford - Liquid diet, liquid diet, liquid diet. Maybe this is like the Dolphins and the wildcat offense - they don't want to show all our cards, so we'll accept it...until we lose, then it's time to take the governor off.
* Johnson - Not a shooting masterpiece, but 25 pts on volume and clutch in the 4th quarter
* Bibby - Good effort and running the offense. not the best execution, but we want to give positive reinforcement for the effort he needs to build up the Celtic redemption game.
* Williams - Again, solid effort...waiting for that 30 pt explosion, but in a victory - this will do. Show the talent, baby.
* Pachulia - Wonder if Woodson just gave up on you or if you didn't have it, but it seems like you shouldn't have gotten your lowest minute outlay on the game AFTER Osh Smith isn't in the lineup.

Bench Kudos/Smackdown

* Evans - No Osh Smith - a chance to get a starting spot (in my mind's eye) and this is what I get. Ugh!!! Well, let's just chalk it up - with a win
* Law - See, I knew this was coming - 6 MINUTES!!!! This is not Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick. Woodson, I know you...I want to believe in you. You have to let Acie WORK through his slump and bumps. Remember, you were the guy who destroyed his confidence last year. It's game 5. Play Acie THROUGH the good and bad times. Ok, rant over. Now, Acie make the plays to prove you deserve to be on the court.
* Murray - Not a great shooting night, but again - 14 pts and some big shots in the 4th quarter. Just what we needed.
* Jones - Again, another Smith like effort on the boards and in the paint. Love to see the energy and tenacity on the glass and challenging shots. McDyess watch is fading.
* West - DNP.
* Morris - DNP
* Hunter - DNP

Coaching Kudos/Smackdown

5-0. Again, Can't. Criticize. Mike....oh, well - a slight complaint, please keep Acie in the rotation, please.

Str8 Talk Love

We're at 5-0...all of the love is flowing. See every Power Ranking showing us in the top 5 (topping out at #3) and that's bananas!!! Change we can believe in!

Season Prediction

Still at 44-38, but it's getting hard to hold me to this prediction! A win vs. Celtics and we'll start looking at the schedule to see if we can conceivably make a jump to the 50 win plateau and start talking about All Star and MVP considerations. Get well, Osh Smith!!!

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