Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Raptors @ Hawks - 11/7/08

Ok, the world is turning upside down. Raucous crowd, blowout wins when our most talented player goes down (2-4 weeks, mind you - there goes the 10 game win streak). Etc. Again, since I was gone for this - I had to watch on DVR and so we'll have an abbreviated version of our blog.

Game Feedback - Hawks 110, Raptors 92

Str8 Butter Award - Mike Bibby..do the damn thang, boy! 19 first half points, running most of the game...that's the definition of straight butter.

Starter Kudos/Smackdown -

* Horford - Let's look at the good side. Maybe keeping Horford on a diet now will keep him fresh down the stretch b/c 6-8 shots a game seems ridiculous, but yet we win, so I will roll on the side of victories, but if we lose with this - I say get off the liquid diet.
* Johnson - Of course, Joe was butter worthy, but what was best about the night - 32 minutes. In fact, it should have been about 25. let's keep our guys rested - we have a big road trip coming esp. with Josh ...oops, Osh on the mend for a few weeks.
* Bibby - Just keep shooting the lights out and run the offense!!!!
* Williams - Big minutes - solid effort and an opportunity to show us that you deserve a starting position while Osh is out.
* JSmoove - We need you back out there, so heal up quickly. Maybe the ankle will be unable to support the bricks and you'll come back ready to dominate the paint. Get well soon.

Bench Kudos/Smackdown

* Evans - Great contribution today, we'll see how well you or Zaza respond to being in the starting 5 - please show us that you deserve that spot, bro.
* Pachulia - Not a good showing, but it's a win, so who are we to complain. Keep using those fouls effectively.
* Law - 13 minutes, but not a lot of production. We got a win - let's just move on, but dammit - don't you mess up your backup position, son.
* Murray - What can we say - basically, the Hawks MVP to date (beside the obvious 2 best players)..we haven't had a bench player that actually was an attacker in years - JChills was not an attacker.
* West - Anytime I can talk about him getting minutes in a victory should mean - it's a blowout. It was a blowout.
* Jones - Solo showed grit and everything that Osh does outside of the assists and some points. Great energy. Keep bringing it and we'll look to expand that rotation from 9 to 10. Maybe my call for McDyess was short sighted. Don't think so, but you never know.
* Morris - Great to see you in a blowout to see what you can bring to the table - a little touch, some toughness, basically enough to say that if we need 6 fouls in the playoffs - he can give us some. Great stuff, young man - now, smile!!!

Coaching Kudos/Smackdown

4-0. great job (can't believe I'm saying this), so no complaints - just sit these starters earlier when the game is in hand.

Str8 Talk Love

No extras today, but isn't the love apparent. Since we started the blog, the Hawks have been undefeated. Sounds like the Hawks need to put me on the payroll.

Season Prediction

Started at 40-42, but we are now moving the expectation for the season to 44-38 (and a 6th seed) Progress, baby, progress! Sticking with 44-38 for today, but if we go to 7-0 - there may be some radical change afoot!

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