Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nets @ Hawks - 11/15/08

Seeing that we had a repeat of Friday's game - there's really no reason to regurgitate the blog again, so we'll just move through and make a few notes and keep it moving.

Game Feedback - Nets 119, Hawks 107

Str8 Butter Award - I really don't want to give anyone a Str8 Butter Award, but if I must - it's Joe Johnson as our 3 time aware winner, but let's be real. No one deserves this.

Starter Kudos/Smackdown -

* Horford - Yes, it's too much to ask for you to hold down the middle and to have the low post scoring fall on you. With Zaza and Osh out, I'll give you a pass,, the Ole' award goes too...
* Johnson - Got it. Joe's a stud. What we needed in the game, though, was a foot in someone's A&& when the layup line was forming in front of our basket. Would give up the 31 pts to see Joe go and put the smack down on his team for not showing up.
* Bibby - Glad to have you on the team and now that that's over - since Woodson refuses to adjust his game plan according to the team we are playing...maybe you could help us get away from shooting jump shot after jump shot when we aren't shooting well. Maybe...?
* Williams - If ever there was a game for another player to step up and be the STUD we need him to be, this was it, but as we've come to expect - finishing at the cup...not so much.
* Evans - Really losing faith in your half of starting over Williams, but still see it as a championship strategy - can you confirm my genius please? Esp. with guys like T. Moore talking about Woodson's 'vindication'. (Really, Terence...I mean are you going to the games? I'd be happy to talk/walk you through the games I'VE been watching for his entire career and awe-inspiring in ANY way - it's not. And I WANT the guy to be successful unlike most of his critics).

Bench Kudos/Smackdown

* Law - Nothing going here, but of course - he doesn't get to play until the game is out of reach. As I said, I don't blame Law for being yo, yo'd with minutes. I do want him to keep being aggressive when he gets an opportunity. Please!
* Murray - Love that he's a difference maker. So, while it wasn't his best game. When Flip comes in, he's playing his game and playing to win.
* Jones - Moving to the point where I believe that Solomon can be a part of the rotation when Josh and Zaza are back. A combo of Solo, Josh, Zaza, and Al would be ok (not as good as one with Antonion McDyess - hint, hint), but gives us 6 more fouls, some energy, some shot blocking...and keeps me from thinking that Randolph Morris will see the light of day.
* West - 4 minutes of garbage time - no comment!
* Morris - 2 minutes of garbage time - ugh!
* Hunter - 2 minutes of garbage time - not sure what to make of him, but good to see him in the game for once
* Gardner - 2 minutes of garbage time - got to love the fact that he dropped a 3 as SOON as he got in. Had visions of Salim Stoudamire (another mismanaged talent). If he actually can guard someone, I'd like to say we have 6 3pt shooters on the team.
* Smith - Inactive
* Pachulia - Inactive

Coaching Kudos/Smackdown

Broken record is about to sound off..the rotation sucks, Mike. The motivation sucks, Mike. The offensive strategy sucks, Mike. Anything else? I can't say we'd win today no matter what, but the effort and strategy leaves TONS to be desired. Truly!!!

Str8 Talk Love

1. The Crowd - Not into the game at all...don't know if that's b/c we got molly wopped in New Jersey or what, but the crowd was Atlanta-esque. We are the first place Atlanta Hawks, so let's act like it Atlanta.
2. The Overscene - Let's see...Ne-Yo, MTV's La La on the good side. But let's just be clear - the game promotions and activities...not a good look - really boring stuff. Come on Hawks Ops team - I know you have it in you.
3. Our experiences - Had the opportunity to take a friend start to a b-day celebration, so I hope the Hawks' effort was not a downer to the start of a fun night. It was cool to go back to our previous Hawks existence as a season ticket holder with seats in the upper level. Spending the last few seasons in club level seats (or simply in the club level) has been sublime, but it's always good to return to your roots where I got to catch up with some old friends and see folks from all over the arena. That said, we lost, so we're in no rush to return. Now, there was a part of the trip to the club level around halftime that brought us some well needed fun - liquid leggings...basically, the A level groupie-esque leggings that are made of some lycra type material that shows off the best of a woman's..uh assets. For some reason, it seemed to be liquid legging night (as an patron of club level, I don't think I'd ever see as many of these outfits) to my delight. People watching (even for a few minutes) has never been better...
4. The Honey Quotient - For a Saturday, was not a good night. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it's the Nets, maybe ...oh, I don't know what it was, but women did not stand up (except for putting those leggings on display - good lawd!)
5. Hawk Shouts - Big ups to Will, Harlee, Jennifer, Stacie, Andrea, Kat, Montez - y'all always got my love
6. The After Party - No happs on an after party, but the crowd at Stats, Luckie, and Utopia from a driveby standpoint looked mighty nice.

Season Prediction
Ok, trying to keep perspective here and still be upset that we're not at least 7-2! So, we're going to put it at 45-37 and a 5th seed. Let's get back on an upswing, Hawks. And more importantly - Zaza and Osh - get healthy, PLEASE!

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