Monday, November 3, 2008

Sixers @ Hawks - 11/1/08

Finally, up close and personal assessment of the undefeated Atlanta Hawks!!!! Maybe I should have started a blog about the Hawks 8 years ago. From the time I started this blog, the Hawks are soaring...I blog, Hawks simple as that. Combine that Hawks win with a Yellow Jacket win and Dawg stompin' and we have a priceless Saturday. Now, to the blog,

Game Feedback - Hawks 95, Sixers 88

Str8 Butter Award - Great - two games, two different Str8 Butter Award winners. Today's winner - Joe Johnson. Joe of the 35pt Johnsons. Seems like jealous of the fact that JSmoove had a Str8 Butter rolling around the locker room made him step his game up. And that's how we like it - let's see who wants to get some next week.

Starter Kudos/Smackdown -
  • Horford - Let's see I could just copy the part I said about Horford from game 1 and repeat it..almost double double, great D, only 7 shots, we could run more plays in the post for him. We love his production, but think that we can double his touches to great effectiveness.
  • Johnson - 14-23, 2 from downtown (one from WAYYY downtown), 100% from the line. Quiet leadership, butter award...uh, that's our Joe! It would still be nice to see us work from the post outward to spot up jumpers off curls and offensive moves vs. joe having to create his offense. When confronted with a defense designed to stop his creativity, the offense could struggle...
  • Bibby - Much better effort from Bibby. Still don't get the sense that he's RUNNING the team, but definitely saw him make some shots and get us into a few sets, but it sure would be nice to see an inside/out game, pick and roll, something to add variety to this team's offensive philosophy.
  • Williams - Well, I'm going to be generous and say - we won, Marvin needed to get the rust off and let's just leave it there. in the mode of positive thinking, this was maybe the best thing possible in that - a move to the bench would help Marvin be the super sub - we all think he can be. Right? That's what we believe, correct?
  • JSmoove - Now, let's hope that there is no Str8 Butter Award jinx. We'll test this with Joe on Wednesday. To the negatives (and we do this b/c we love, not to complain for complaining sake), 5 turnovers and more jump shots - I think I saw 8 or 9. And according to Hot Shots on - the guy clearly does not get it..JSmoove - you are our most talented player. You will be our best player when you STOP TAKING jump shots. Yes, you made a 3 in the 4th quarter, but it's almost terrible for you to make that shot b/c it encourages more shots in the future. So, let's just say it again - EVERYONE stop passing the ball to Josh on the perimeter. Period. Ok, that said - the guy made a great turnaround from the 1st quarter to impact the game. that's what great players do. They make a difference elsewhere and I love him for it. But please for the love of all that's good and perfect, stop shooting from outside.
Bench Kudos/Smackdown
  • Evans - Not the impact he had against the Magic, but that's just more reason for him to get the starting gig. Big 3 as well..bottom line, continue to make your presence felt on defense and see if we can get Woodson to put you in the starting 5.
  • Pachulia - I said I couldn't say it loud enough, but maybe if I say it enough - the '06 Zaza will just be regular '08 Zaza. Work on the boards, energy off the bench, didn't show up on the box score, but Zaza - your work hasn't gone unnoticed or unappreciated.
  • Law - 15 more minutes of burn and not as much effectiveness, so here's the rub. Will an ineffective outing make Woodson start to lack trust in you again. Better to test that faith in a win, but let's see how you handle Acie, Woodson.
  • Murray - Flip, can't say much was great about your game, but it was good to see someone outside of the starting 5 scoring down the stretch. Too bad, it came at the expense of seeing Marvin do something of substance, but it's good to see that we have someone who is willing to take a shot in the clutch
  • West - DNP
  • Jones - DNP
  • Morris - DNP
Coaching Kudos/Smackdown

I think we have to give a kudo b/c we won, but again - I'd love to feel like Woodson was actually coaching us. Here's how that can be accomplished. First, a post game - inside out, pick and roll, give and go - something other than running and Joe creating offensive for himself. Second, motivating with minutes. Meaning Marvin goes to the pine until he earns the starting gig or just make him into the Black Manu. And finally, killing the 2 foul and hit the bench rule. Those things would make me happy and would feel like he's coaching vs. working from a Larry Brown manual or something. But I'm letting my Woodson bias get in the way of the fact that we are 2-0. So, for now, Mike's all good with me.

Str8 Talk Love

Now to the fun part of the evening (outside of a victory)...
1. The Crowd - Totally into the game, it's like night and day. Until last year's playoffs, the best experience I've ever had at a NBA game was Knicks/Timberwolves in Madison Square Garden back in '01 and trust..we're building up to having a true home court advantage.
2. The Overscene - Let's see...Mayor Young, Usain Bolt, Chili of TLC, and Allen Payne were just some of the celebs in the building. Win and we can make it Los Angeles South
3. Our experiences - Of course, I checked out the game with my Andre and we started out the game with an appreciation moment - his was the fact that i introduced him to the best parking spot at Philips Arena (just $5, avoids traffic coming in and going, as close as you can get). My appreciation comes now - gotta love being able to go out, be on time, and just vibe with the give and take that comes with being a native Atlantan. Also, big shouts to our friends who stopped through - Jimmesse, Wayna, Star, Qiana, Candice, George, Bre, Alondeia, and all the folks we met, but I can't remember.
4. The Honey Quotient - First game, Saturday, winning team - so, yes, it was HIGH! Quality and quantity
5. Hawk Shouts - Big ups to Will, Harlee, Johanna, Stacie, Andrea, Kat, Montez, and kudos to the Hawks Dance Team
6. The After Party - And the after scene - first, a trip to Maxim Prime for a quick check out of the bar (which is tight - not looking good for that spot if after having all those folks in the vicinity and a victory that no one is in the bar) and shots...weak ones at that! Then, a quick jetting over to Stats where we ran up on the Hawks After Party. Thanks to Dre (and no thanks to our Hawks staff friends) - we were privy to free food, drinks, great music, watching the rest of the Texas Tech/Texas game, and catching up with the players, the dance team, and friends from high school (shout out to Jill) and Lisa and Adrienne. Just when we thought that would be it - a trip over to the Wine Loft led us to ummm..shall we say - girls and their girlfriends :) Didn't go in, but hey, maybe the next go round.

Final Note - while in the club section, the one thing that did strike us was that a couple said - "
wow, the demographics sure have changed". And part of me wants to be offended b/c first, the club section is very much how I've seen it for the past 2 years and second, ..well, I won't even try to discern any further - all I can say is Yes, We Can. time we will have a president elect and if it doesn't go a certain way - we may have a very hate filled blog, so let's just vote and see how we can make a difference in this world.

Season Prediction

Started at 40-42, but moved to 41-41 and now, we are willing to move to our best case scenario on the year - 43-39. Let's see if we can crack 45 wins. Win at New Orleans and we'll talk.


Billy White Shoes said...

I have to agree with u. For a home opener the game and crowd definitely picked up from last season and the team showed some heart. I think one of the main differences has to be the teams depth. Instead of playing a 7 person rotation we are now going 9-10 deep. On another note...Big ups to my man Larry. I thought I was connected but this brotha knows he can bring them out haha. Let's just say I am filled with joy to be a brotha here. Several good looks and the ratio of men vs women was sick! The after party was serious too. I've been saying for a while that the "A" can be the New York or L.A. of the south. Let's just hope we can stay consistent

Mr. Scott said...

Though I'm not a super serious Basketball fan, I will be following the Hawks loosely this year, so this blog is right on time. I was impressed with their passion in the playoffs last year taking the Celtics to the brink. Congrats Larry, keep the magic going...82-0!!!