Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two Games in One

Because the holiday has thrown off our blogging sensibilities, we're just gonna go the route of quick observations and get back to our regular flow starting Wednesday.

First, we said we'd call it a successful road trip if we split the games and well, we split 'em, so the Hawks at 10-6 is a good look. We played hard against the Raptors only to let Chris Bosh go buck wild on us in the second half. I was screaming at the screen wondering where Zaza was in the 2nd half, only to think that we answered that question by seeing that Zaza couldn't play today, so I'll give Mike a pass in hopes that injury was the reason he wasn't in the game while Bosh was putting the clamps on us.

In any case, we again are on the Perspective Watch...if you said we'd be 6-6 without Josh Smith, I'd have said - man, that's about as believable as an African American president. (Oops!)

So, yes - we struggled with the late game push by the Wizards, which shouldn't happen, BUT (P Watch) we were losing those games last year and now we're squeaking them out. Almost did the same against a good team on Friday night. That said, here's the game recaps and let's start with a 6 game win streak to welcome Josh back to the team. Though I think I'm ready to start a Horford watch - and see what our record is any time Horford gets 10 or more shots. When we give him the rock, he produces. It's scary to keep watching us have 3 quarters of good basketball where we make the extra pass, play from the point guard on in, and play defense (shout out to Solomon Jones) and then decide to do that 'hey, Joe Johnson take the ball and bail us out' offense that hasn't worked for the past 2-3 games. Can we please dispense with that offense? Oh, and Flip - we got your torrid November shooting and now, can you just play within the offense instead of shooting whenever you possibly can at the 40% clip that we have to endure from otherwise freaking awesome Josh Smith.

So, Flip, when you are able to do what Josh can do in other parts of the game, you can't shoot shots that don't come from the flow of the offense. Ok, enough ranting (more Acie and Al touches, please)...

Raptors 93, Hawks 88

Hawks 102, Wizards 98

Hope you all had great holiday weekends!!!! (that is sent to my 5 friends who read this stuff)

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