Friday, November 21, 2008

Wizards @ Hawks - 11/19/08

Long diatribes are is back on its axis. Let's just call this what many won't - the kind of game, the past few years have taught us - we'd lose. I don't know if I can draw any conclusions about the players or the coach on a day like this, but I can say - the team mentality is MUCH different when we can win a game like this. And you'll see why below...

Game Feedback - Hawks 91, Wizards 87

Str8 Butter Award - Marvin, Marvin, Marvin...I have been asking for signs that you can suck it up and play TOUGH b-ball. None of that pansy stuff where you hit jump shots all day (though we love jump shots) and today, you went to the hole (still gotta work on the and 1's, but you made your free throws - got some guys to foul you and went to work on the boards. I'd love to give some to Zaza and Bibby, but I'm fair - when I criticize, I criticize. When you step up, I give praise. Today, you get a Str* Butter Award....praises go up!

Starter Kudos/Smackdown -

* Pachulia - Using a maimed were a MAN. 18 boards, won't lament the lack of production on the offensive, but was just amazed to see you suck it up. I'm still trying to figure out what happened last year - I mean what a difference a year makes.
* Johnson - Turnovers and missed shots...won't throw you under the bus, but again - let's run the offense (the one where you aren't expected to manufacture points in playground fashion) and see how well you can perform.
* Bibby - that's what we need (that and you just being the guy who runs the offense). Love your game tonight - had the shot going, now just get the rest of the guys set up - 3 assists just doesn't cut it as the leader of an offense.
* Williams - Again, be the man.
* Evans - Again, show me that you are the lockdown defender that I know you can be. When we need Butler shut down, do it. Though I can't be mad at the fact that Antwan didn't blow up (though that had a lot to do with the Wizards not wanting to do the obvious and just give it to him early and often)

Bench Kudos/Smackdown

* Law - Insert Broken Record here. When short handed, put your best players on the court. Don't care what kind of doghouse he's in - it seems like he should get in the game more..if nothing else to allow us to run.
* Murray - Tough night for Flip, but that's what happens with the modern day Vinnie 'Microwave' Johnson. Some days you can't hit your shots, but let's make sure you make the contribution elsewhere to make up for it, son.
* Jones - See, here's what's interesting...Mike is doing with Solo what I wish he'd do with Acie. You're down, you use this time to get him prepared to be a part of the rotation. All the time now will benefit us down the line and in the time given - Solo is performing. Not as an all star, but as a contributor who knows his role. Mike, cut and paste this onto Acie's role.
* West - DNP
* Morris - DNP
* Hunter - Nothing to comment on.
* Gardner - DNP
* Smith - Inactive
* Horford - Inactive

Coaching Kudos/Smackdown

Again, I won't knock his coaching for this game. We won. I do question the overall season long strategy of not developing Acie Law. It happened with Salim, it happened with Josh early and even now by not establishing that 3pt shots are off limits, it happens with the 'let Joe just hopefully make a shot in the final 6 minutes of a game that's close', it happens when we don't run, it happens with the 2 foul rule, so we'll lose the game in the 2nd or 3rd quarter instead of the 4th quarter in a case where a player fouls out (Note: I don't remember when a Hawks player has fouled out AND we lost b/c said player wasn't available to help us win. When that happens - I will drop the last point of contention)

Str8 Talk Love

1. The Crowd - Another lackluster crowd. Hey, guys! Apathetic Atlanta fans - we do have to continue to support the season or not. Now, let's get behind our 7-4 (hope to be 8-4) Hawks.
2. The Overscene - On a Wednesday...not much to see in the crowd save my Hawks companion for the night (compliment given) AND to our surprise - a rather diminutive, verbose, and boastful Floyd Mayweather (plus entourage - loved the young ladies with the fuzzy boots..gotta have fuzzy boots in your entourage). Upon walking by him and watching a guy give him praise - he says quote - 'Yeah, Ali is considered the greatest, but I never lost, won in 4 weight classes, and made more money, now you tell me who is the greatest'. Let me make it clear - Ali!!!! When you decide to stand up for African Americans, protest the war, and become the subject of hundreds of documentaries, etc then I'll reconsider.
3. Our experiences - Not much to comment on...pretty uneventful night. And as long as they come with a win, we'll take it. Also, quick shout out to Greg & Terese (see you at a game in DC soon)
4. The Honey Quotient - Outside of the fuzzy boots - it looks like the ladies only come out for the weekend, so we'll see how the Charlotte game ends up. And bring back the liquid leggings, please.
5. Hawk Shouts - Big ups to Will, Harlee, Boma, Stacie, Kat, Montez - y'all always got my love
6. The After Party - No after party - it was Wednesday and I'm trying to do better...the economy has told me so, so no after party.

Season Prediction
Sticking with 43-39! If we can get to 8-4, we'll talk about a bump. Til then, we're back to not going overboard with things until I see a healthy Horford and Smith on the court. Til next time...cheerio!!!

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DC said...

I like it...and, though I didn't make it public, my prediction was also 43-39, 7 seed. I'd like to make it 45/46 wins, but it's too early to get greedy.