Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hawks' Texas Death Trap

This Texas Road Trip caused what the last 5 have - a drink and a two step! Now, I apologize in advance over not getting the game recaps out (for my 5 readers), but there was a road trip and liquor involved and let's just say - I still haven't watched all of the games on my DVR. So, instead of trying peel it back - I figured it's time to just say some things and move on.

Game Recap - Mavericks 100, Hawks 98
Game Recap - Rockets 92, Hawks 84
Game Recap - Spurs 95, Hawks 89

There's a lot that could be said, but we'll be short and concise, so you can get to the Miami half of my Road-Home Back-To-Back Game Recap. So, here's the game synopses.

Mavs/Hawks - First, let's hope that the propensity to get off to slow starts on the road against good teams does not become a habit. Now, since I was in New York with friends - watching the game on my AT&T Tilt using SlingPlayer Mobile (greatest tech invention next to DVR) was out, but I was watching us get killed when I did. Of course, the part I missed (and still need to watch on my DVR) is the crazy 4th quarter comeback. I've heard about the Josh Smith keep the ball instead of giving up the ball scenario and will just comment on it later, but it does highlight the point I made in my last post - I'm a super big fan of everything about Josh Smith with the exception of his Basketball IQ and outside shooting. Since he's 23, I forgive him on the B-ball IQ, though I don't give him a pass on the shooting. That's an issue that can be solved with time on the bench. Anywho, the point here is - Josh, do what you should have learned in AAU ball...get rebound, steal, block, whatever and then give the ball to the POINT GUARD!!!!

Rockets/Hawks - Again, started out watching us get our ish handed to us. Fortunately, we were able to battle back to take a lead. Unfortunately, we couldn't close it out. Of all the games on the road trip - this was the most disappointing to me b/c I thought we actually could win it. We were lucky to keep it close in the other two, but this game just required us to focus down the stretch. No more comments on this until we watch the entire game.

Spurs/Hawks - I watched most of this game and the takeaway down the stretch was...they are champs - we aren't. I mean - who didn't see Manu taking the big shots in crunch time? I'm not sure why we didn't double team him to get the ball out of his hands to make someone else make the big shots, but I'm sure they would have found a way.

That being said, getting 2 wins would have been mega success or 1 would have been a psychological boost for us. Now, we have to win against the Heat to ensure that we aren't back to scrambling and doubting our ability to win. The one glaring takeaway for me was - can Acie get some love? Moving on....

Season Prediction
Back to a 45 - 37 record, it seems, but let's see how we respond to this home stretch starting with the Cavs, where we expect to see BIG THINGS POPPIN!!!! Let's go Hawks!!!!

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