Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hawks/Celtics Preview

I'm really only doing a preview because we've won whenever I'd done a preview (twice) and so, I'm trying to align all the stars. Not b/c I think this win counts more in the win column than any others OR because i think it'll do something for this team to beat the Celtics b/c I don't. Personally, I'd trade winning the Nets back-to-back and the Pacers game for a loss tonight.

I do think it'll do something for the city and the fans and help them realize that we have a serious basketball team that hopefully can make some noise in the playoffs this year, BUT we need a home court edge to do so. So, we need to win for the fan base to get on board with the rest of the season, so they see the atmosphere and buy some tickets.

So, I realize why we have ESPN, Ludacris, etc in the house, but personally - I'd rather see these marketing efforts for the unsellable games like the Grizz or Bobcats rather than the Celtics. You don't need the glitz and glamour to sell this one, do you? When I go to the Warriors game on Friday - we'll see just how many folks are in the house. That said, come on down to Philips Arena and support the HOME TEAM (unlike my friend Alison who is joining me tonight and vows to cheer for the Celtics - if you see a gorgeous young lady who is being mercilessly yelled at by a handsome Southern gentlemen - just know that it ain't 1992 and we ain't David Justice and Halle Berry). GO HAWKS...

Oh, and read Drew's piece, which seems to be stolen right out of my head regarding the game (minus the Celtic hate).

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