Monday, December 8, 2008

Knicks @ Hawks - 12/5/08

Hawks/ game is more despised by yours truly. Why? B/c no fans are more obnoxious with a WORSE team than the Hawks over the past few years than Knicks fans. The level of superiority complex always makes this a fun game and as we all knew - Hawks victory. What made it all the better was that I left the game, got some sleep and then headed to....ONE OF MY FAVORITE CITIES - New York. I was in Harlem doing the Eastside Stomp reveling in victory...Well, maybe not that much in those 25 degree temps, but be sure that Hawk pride was on full display. {Note: We are going to say NOTHING of the fact that Marbury didn't play or that Al Harrington was acting like he used to play in this building before}

Game Feedback - Hawks 98, Knicks 95

Str8 Butter Award - I kinda don't want to give out an award for this game. I loved to see Josh Smith getting things in order in the world in every area, but....taking them (expletive deleted) jump shots, so no award today. I mean seriously, Josh, you are eliminating your chances at the highly coveted STR8 BUTTER AWARD like every game...sigh!

Starter Kudos/Smackdown -

* Williams - Another Marvin-like performance. Since I said, I wasn't going to knock his faults anymore if he just knocked down open 3 pters. Well, he didn't, but I'll spare you..THIS TIME.
* Smith - {Rant Starting} I'm actually at the point where I think it's the team's fault as well as the coach's fault for Josh's decision to take 3's. I used to be a point guard and throughout my PG days - if a player was incapable of making a particular shot..two things happened, the first was - I'd pass it to him expecting him to know his limitations and letting him know that when I throw him that ball in that situation - save some end of game, no time on clock scenarios - you are NOT to shoot that shot. It's simply not your shot, so I'd encourage him to do what he does best. If that doesn't work, then I'd go to plan B - ONLY passing him the rock when he was in the range I wanted for him. He'd have to go out of his way to STEP BACK to take a long two or a three. And if he did that - I'd look at Mike Woodson and say - get this sucka out. Now, the other problem - Josh, stop taking the ball up the court. you are not a point guard. You are a great finisher. Did you see Worthy taking the ball up the court? NO! He gave it to Magic and busted his ass to get the rock back. Bibby demand the ball on the break and tell Josh to go skyward to put his nutz on someone's forehead. {Rant Ending}
* Horford - Let's see 7 shots for Al...oh, never mind. I'm only allowed one rant per blog.
* Johnson - Awful 3pt shooting, but it's good that he can make up for it in other ways. Lead, Joe , Lead!
* Bibby - the number of the night for me - 9 assists. As long as Bibby has 8-10 assists a game, I'll retract any comments about him getting traded or not playing defense. If not, re-insert all deleted comments.

Bench Kudos/Smackdown

* Law - DNP (Illness)
* Murray - It continues that if Mike doesn't declare him the Microwave and put him in when we need instant O, then this guy is a gunner of the wrong proportions. If you want ball movement, Flip meet Bench. If you want someone to run to the hole as soon as he touches the ball, meet Flip.
* Jones - DNP. That's the way to keep his confidence high and the rotation intact, Mike.
* Pachulia - though he got minutes, repeat above. As I keep saying, Mike <> player development (yes, that's a does not equal sign, people)
* Evans - Good production off the bench...nothing to complain about
* West - DNP
* Morris - DNP
* Gardner - DNP
* Hunter - Inactive

Coaching Kudos/Smackdown

The game went fine, but as my complaints allude to - we just don't have a rotation that people can count on. I tend to believe that championship teams and coaches win game first, but a close second is build team confidence and prepare for the playoffs. I mean - we are a playoff team, right? that's not in question barring injuries (and to date, injuries haven't derailed at a minimum - the playoffs), so why are we not making sure that Acie, Solo, and Zaza are definitely playing good minutes consistently, so that when the playoffs hit - it's not the deer in headlights. The only player I've seen strive after doing NOTHING in the reg. season was Daniel Gibson in the playoffs in '06. Other than that, nothing I how about we use our players and a 9 man rotation and start acting like Acie is our backup point, like Solo and Zaza can spell Josh and Al for stretches and act like we are preparing for a postseason RUN, not appearance.

Str8 Talk Love

1. The Crowd - The 12-6 Hawks are definitely a lively crowd when we are playing New York, but why do these bums always out-yell us until about the 3rd quarter. Just can't get over the fact that we can't get crunk for anything other than Lil Jon. Damn, New York fans - you come to our town, buy our tickets, and cheer for bums. Transplants need to transfer - hey, that could be a sales strategy....Hawks call your boy...
2. The Overscene - great crowd - Chris Tucker, Ciara, a bunch of hip hop was a good look people, though I missed some of it b/c I was living la vida loca in the great seats I got AND then in the Heiniken and Atlanta Sports Marketing suites - gotta love suites (and Andre's hookups). Yep, if you want to have fun AND watch the game in style, take Dre
3. Our experiences - I think we just spelled it was a cool crowd from what I could see ALL THE WAY UP in the suite (which save having dinner and drinks is NOT what a basketball watcher should ever desire). Too far from the action, no energy...Not hating on the suites, but just saying that I like seats in the bowl, personally and definitely doesn't surpass courtside. One Knicks note - uh, is there a 3pt basket that they don't like? My goodness - it would have been nice to just take them to the hole, but uh...not so much!
4. The Honey Quotient - Pretty much what you expect from us playing New York on a Friday. Bonanza!!!! that's really all I'm going to say about that.
5. Hawk Shouts - Boma, Johanna, Will, Andrea, Kat (and big up on your art exhibit, hot stuff)
6. The After Party - it was an after party experience, but not official - the Wine Loft next door to Stats was off the hook. leave it to Atlantans to only take 2-3 weeks to totally 'diversify' a cool loungy spot into a 'club'-like atmosphere. Now, just understand that it'll pass as that hot spot and when it does - you'll really like The Wine Loft.

Season Prediction
No movement on the prediction scale - 47-35! And a SWEET victory...

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