Friday, December 19, 2008

More Celtic Thoughts

After watching the game again on Fox Sports HD, I noticed a few more things that got lost in my fan-dom, networking, and soaking up everything that was happening at Philips Arena.

1. Ludacris really could have done more than 2-3 songs.
2. Marvin Williams really should have gotten my Str8 Butter Award. He was active, played some defense, attacked the basket, and was truly the glue during a poor shooting night for the Hawks.
3. Yes, the Celtics used their experience to win that game, but after watching the game again - I felt more and more as if we lost the game more than being beaten. Now, that's not an easy thing for me to say b/c it sounds like sour grapes and gives off the element of 'we are better, we just lost'. I'm not saying that at all. Paul Pierce didn't kill us, Ray Allen was off, the Celtic bench was ineffective. On the flip side, the Hawks couldn't hit from 3 (and I'm talking about 10 wide open looks), Al missed open looks, etc...but in both games this season - the Hawks did not look like they were playing out of their minds (like they did in the playoffs) while the Celtics were playing their poorest.

In essence, it wasn't a perfect storm that created those 2 close games. It was the fact that the Hawks have a legimately good team. We still haven't gotten the killer instinct and panic a bit down the stretch b/c of our reliance over the years to just give the ball to Joe Johnson and hope he can make something happen down the stretch instead of doing what we've done well all year - share the ball and create open looks for others.

We'll see if I learn more after watching the ESPN HD version of the Hawks/Celtics before heading to the Highlight Factory tonight for our 16th win...

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