Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nuggets @ Hawks - 12/29/08

We're going to depart from the normal format and do a quick recap followed by what we want for 2009.

Game Recap Thoughts:

1. 20-10!!!! Winning 2/3 of our games...well, if the Falcons can go 11-5 - we can win 50 AND the South Division. Let's not make our ceiling too low, folks. Let's win our division while we're at it.
2. While I keep hearing that the Nuggets are a much better team, it sure didn't look like it yesterday. Yes, Melo and Billups were off, but they just didn't look to be any better than the Oklahoma City Thunder last night.
3. If we can rebound the offensive glass and shoot the 3 ball like that every 2 out of 3 games, we'll be tough to beat for the rest of the season. I'm still worried about how this translates in the playoffs. I don't remember a lights out 3 point shooting team winning the NBA title since...oh, ever.
4. I take back everything I ever said bad about Bibby. I promise to point that angst toward the ill-fated experiment called - Flip Murray is your backup point and shooting guard.
5. We actually have a home court advantage these days without a rabid crowd. Think of what a rabid crowd atmosphere would do...

For 2009, this is what I want

1. For Zaza to continue to play just the way he's playing right now...Mike don't mess with his minutes, please.
2. For Josh Smith to cease shooting from the outside and to resume doing what all wing players are taught at the age of 10, rebound, then find your point guard, pass it to him, look to get the ball back on the break.
3. For Sekou Smith (who I respect greatly) to show that he has journalistic integrity to find out why Acie Law IV has been relegated to Mario West, Randolph Morris, and Solomon Jones status. Ask Mike Woodson or ask the players or ask the GM, but ask SOMEONE to provide us an answer to this question before me and every other fan/blogger, etc explodes.
4. For Mo Evans and Flip Murray to revert back to the guys who made a big difference in the first 7 games of the season.
5. For Al Horford to make his presence felt in the low post every night.
6. For Mike Woodson at some stage to recognize that we need to prepare our team and offense for the playoffs, which in some fashion means - we need a low post option or we need to re-learn how to get out on running mercilessly (which means we can't expect Mike Bibby to do that for 40 minutes and will need another point guard to keep up the pace...wonder who that would be? Note: His name isn't Flip Murray).

These are my wishes...now, let's get this road victory to avenge the loss to the Pacers earlier in the season.

Season Prediction:

I'm ready to make a new prediction and that's that we will now go 51-31. Crazy, I know, but...you must believe it to achieve it. Let's Go Hawks!


Jason Walker said...

Woody is going to have to hit the playoff wall with this offensive style to understand the virtues of the inside-outside game.

He clearly doesn't feel that sting yet, as he still believes that the loss last year to Boston in the playoffs was really a "win".

Still, we are talking about how far we might get in the playoffs, not will we ever get there.

(Quoth Bob Wylie) Baby steps to the playoffs, baby steps through the first round---

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

Yes, I realize that these are heady days for Hawks fans, so I have always tried to keep perspective about things, but I guess I want to start thinking about how to make the Hawks into a championship squad.

I don't want to be satisfied to make the playoffs anymore. After 10 absymal years, Atlanta fans are satisfied too easily with playoffs - well, 16 teams make the playoffs, so that's really not an accomplishment to me. Forget 50 wins, let's think NBA title. Yes, it's lofty (very lofty), but if we don't think that way - we won't coach, manage, or work to the point to get there. So, that's my goal going forward. All thoughts will be through that prism.

Jason Walker said...
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Jason Walker said...

Fair enough---So Al better get more polished on the post up game and we need another big as well as a commitment to the point guard position short and long term.

All other efforts are chaff.