Monday, December 22, 2008

Warriors @ Hawks - 12/19/08

Preamble Ramble

After everything that was said about the Celtics/Hawks game, we're back to what I've become used to - mildly sparse Friday night crowd, underwhelming Hawks victory...which is a major upgrade over the past days of no crowds unless a major star or big city team comes to town and overwhelming Hawks loss. So, we'll take this victory to get us back on track and allows us to continue to dream of a home court advantage in a playoff series. If my Dolphins can contend for an AFC East title, anything is possible.

Game Recap - Hawks 115, Warriors 99

Str8 Butter Award - Marvin Williams, STEP UP!!! As someone who has railed against Marvin's inability to play strong, guess who has been playing strong lately - MARVIN WILLIAMS. Now, I'm not sure if that's come at the expense of seeing Horford and JSmoove play strong as well, but it can't hurt to see another attacking weapon, so for your 22 and 9 - you are str8 Butter!!!

Starter Kudos/Smackdown -

* Williams - I think the main things have been said, but Marvin also hit 10-13 shots and you don't hit 10-13 often unless you are going to the hole. Thanks for buckin' up, Marv.
* Smith - Again, Jsmoove has done his normal line stuffing, but we've yet to see the next level of progression in his game (particularly when some of that line stuffer includes 5 TOs - those are becoming too frequent for our tastes). To win in the playoffs (yes, that's the litmus test for production we're using now), we've got to see more out of you, Josh.
* Horford - Ditto for you, Al. While I appreciate your quiet, solid production - it's about time that we see some 20 and 10s out of you. I know that's difficult on 9 shots (I mean Flip squeezed off 12 in 7 less minutes), but leave it to me to cajole Bro. Woodson on that item (yo, Mike...get Al more shots)
* Johnson - I guess I'll make it 3 in a row. Joe, the scortch the league Joe Johnson hasn't been seen since the first 10 games of the season, so let's get it back in order and get you back on your 30pts a game we have grown to love.
* Bibby - While it hasn't a great scoring night, this is what I like to see when the shots don't fall - rebounds and assists. Mike is making himself feel more point guard like by the day...

Bench Kudos/Smackdown

* Murray - Good shooting night and the gunner was back. And that's what we pay you for - to be the BACKUP SHOOTING GUARD. Not sure of the team fit, but hey - we'll take it for a game.
* Pachulia - I'm running out of things to say different about ZaZa because he just comes in and puts in 15 minutes or so of tough b-ball. Now, the question is - will he ever be able to do more than that? Sure would be nice to see a low post presence out of the backups.
* Evans - Mo's 3pt shooting has tailed off (which is something we can say for most of the team right now), but as long as we continue to hold teams under 100pts - I'll continue to say nothing of the dropoff too much.
* Law - Ok, so he gets 5 assists in 8 early minutes and so, that doesn't warrant more time. Even when we were up by 10 early...i mean is there ANYTHING we can do to get Acie on the court?
* Jones - Yes, finally we got to see Solo get in and immediately make an impact. If only we could see it on a game by game basis, i'll put money on the fact that he won't even see the court on Sunday.
* West - DNP
* Morris - DNP
* Gardner - Inactive
* Hunter - Inactive

Coaching Kudos/Smackdown

Again, no arguing with results - still want someone to explain why our young players can't get any burn. I will be bringing this up repeatedly until I get an answer. Not only that, I'll be the first person to mention it during our playoff series when Bibby is in foul trouble, Flip hurts an ankle, and Acie looks like a rookie playing against the Pistons and getting eaten alive by Stuckey who was drafted AFTER him.

Str8 Talk Love

1. The Crowd - Not much to discuss here...ho hum crowd

2. The Overscene - Again, no overscene either - all the celebs came on Wed...

3. Our experiences - We were able to enjoy the entire game b/c there wasn't much else to check out. For the first time, nothing really special to mention other than a victory.

4. The Honey Quotient - No need to repeat myself..

5. Hawk Shouts - N/A

6. The After Party - No after party...

Season Prediction

No changes - 48-34, the next benchmark for an upward change will be at 20-10, so we got 3 more home victories to go.

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