Friday, January 9, 2009

Hawks @ Magic - 1/9/09

Preamble Ramble

The thing I love about blogs is that you don't have to wait for deadlines or any of that. It's 3 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. We're down by 35 pts and that's just by luck. It should be worse. So, let me say that I hate this nagging feeling I have about 2009. The last game we played like this Acie Law IV shined and it's happening again. Acie comes in and puts up points - isn't bad on defense, but I fully expect to see him with a DNP during the next game. Anyway, I promised to do an ol' school blog game recap, so here it goes, but it won't be long. If there was anything that showed up in what is absolutely by FAR our worse game of the season, it's the poster child game for our need for leadership. I've been screaming that we don't have it and today, it was apparent. In a game where you got embarassed at home, you come back and you put up a stinker - it's so bad, I'm not even waiting for half to do this. Is Zaza this important to the team?

Game Recap - Magic 100 something, Hawks less than that

Str8 Butter Award - In a first, we're going to give it to JJ Redick and the refs. I woke up to watch him rain 3s on our collective asses. Now, we definitely didn't get a favor from the refs who called every single thing imaginable (mark this game down in the Donaghy files) including the 'Delay of Game' T due to not having your shirt tucked in [Note: Really, ref - a quick 'tuck in your shirt or get a T' doesn't work anymore].

Starter Kudos/Smackdown -

* Williams - Let's see - you're not my midseason MVP right now.
* Smith - Uh, invisible in the first half..oh save getting smushed by D. Howard. Oh, and yep, got a technical
* Horford - INCREASINGLY not showing the talent everyone keeps saying he has. Turning into a Joe Smith type and that's not meant to be a good thing.
* Bibby - I'm not sure what he did to not get to play at all for about 10 minutes when we were in foul trouble, but he didn't make up for it when he was in.
* Johnson - Yep, you too - sucked majorly. Got a technical for complaining, but what about firing into your team's ass.

Bench Kudos/Smackdown

* Murray - Gave us nada.
* Pachulia - Probably glad that he's sick, cuz this game would have made him puke.
* Evans - Another bum game against his former team. Looks like there's a reason we were able to get Mo' after games like tonight.
* Law - Had a little fire and brim, but that's saying something considering the rest of the team's effort. I'd be more impressed if I didn't think that much of his fire comes from sitting on the damn bench for most of the season.
* Jones - Solo definitely is giving Brett more ammunition for his belief that you don't deserve PT.
* West - Let's see - if Mario gets 5-10 minutes in the first half, you can guess at how much we're down.
* Hunter - Again, when he plays in the first half, we're getting killed. Believe it.
* Morris - DNP
* Gardner - Inactive

Coaching Kudos/Smackdown

You can't possibly expect me to say something nice about Coach Woodson. T's, bad TO management, bad rotations, combinations, etc. Now, I give him credit for being forced to play other players, but I'm just gonna say - what is your job?. To find a way to focus the team and well, I can't remember when I've seen the Hawks play a worse first half. This wasn't a back to back - these fools have been resting all holidays at home and only played 2 games this week. What the hell else have you had to do other than get ready to play the Magic this week?

Str8 Talk Love

Love? Love? You're talking about LOVE! Next question (Jim Mora Sr - I thank you)

Season Prediction

I surely should have made my prediction yesterday b/c today I'm even more pessimistic about my Hawks. I had them at 51-31, but here's how bad it is - 45-37 is my new prediction. A 6 game drop...and definitely no shot at the division title and now we're going to fight for a 4 - 6 seed. Ugh! Just sickening...and no, I don't care what we do in the 2nd half.

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