Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hawks @ Suns - 1/13/09

And so it continues..I wasn't able to see the game due to a trip to see Cirque du Soleil's KOOZA (highly recommended - the contorsionists were worth the price of admission alone). As for the continuation of the 2009 slide, leave it to my Hawks (in the final 5 minutes I was able to see - damn DVR) to put a damper on my evening. I will only discuss my 5 minutes.

Game Recap - Sixers 107, Hawks 102

1. Hearing Nique talk about how we've come back from a 19 point deficit - I'm both upset that we're down 19 in the first quarter AGAIN!!!! and happy that we are fighting back on the road and are about to tie the game AGAIN!!! Then, I remember what this is a former Hawks trait - show that they are able to look horrible, then figure that they ought to play balls to the wall and come up short.

2. I watch with great admiration as the coach and PG for the Suns just take advantage of their obvious advantage - Shaquille O'Neal - and continue to play off of that advantage. Hmmm - how it would be awesome to watch the Hawks run, run, run since our obvious advantage is athleticism. Oh, and how do we give up 53% on FGs and 52.4% on 3pt %.

3. I watch us tie the game with glee, then throw something as I see a man in front of Steve Nash (great 3 pt shooter) yet watch him shoot a three without so much as a hand in his face. Yes, Shaq required some help, but wait until the ball gets dumped in before sagging.

4. I hate when Peachtree Hoops is thinking exactly what I'm thinking when Josh Smith finds himself open. Needless to say, I wrote 'game over' when the shot went up.

5. More on Josh Smith - Do these guys not understand the concept of SELF CHECK? At the playground, there are guys you will always leave open. You live with the shots they make because you know that 7 or 8 times out of 10 they will miss and if you play percentages - you will win. If you lose against SELF CHECK, you live with that. That's why Josh is open - b/c he's SELF CHECK!!!!! At the playground, you just accept it b/c everyone gets to be picked as a part of the 5. In the NBA, you tell SELF CHECK to stop shooting the damn ball or tell him to take the ball to the hoop (there was at least 6 feet of free space in front of Josh) and take a shot he actually can make. Final thought - the reason you accept SELF CHECK is because they do everything else. Kinda like Shaq and his free throws...soooo Josh you have to block shots, play D, have energy, work the post, grab boards or else - I'd rather have Mo Evans on the court at the end of the game.

6. Acie Law - damn me for missing Acie's 2nd quarter play! Damn Coach Woodson for letting Solo and Randolph get more minutes esp. on a night when our guards weren't playing well (save those two big 3s by Bibby in the 4th quarter).

Season Prediction

At 22-15, I'm fairly certain that we're going to end up 22-17 at the rate we're going. Mark it down as a 8 game losing streak if we lose to the Los Angeles Clippers. A new prediction comes as soon as I see us lose to the Clippers...until then, 44-38.


Bret LaGree said...

1) Glad (not glad, but you know what I mean) I'm not the only blogger at the mercy of his DVR.

2) Hating to think what I'm thinking, I get that a lot.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

ya know - I know I SET it, but damn if it wasn't saved.

As for hating it - it probably was more like - I know Bret is gonna have something to say about this. :)

CoCo said...

I'd love for them to stop giving self check the ball on the wing. There needs to be serious repercussions (SP) for Mike, Joe and anyone else who continually passes the ball to Josh in disadvantageous positions. He obviously isn't going to stop or check himself so someone has to save him from himself.