Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration Break

My faithful readers...all 4.5 of you...I know that I haven't done a blog since the Clippers game. No Warriors, no Bulls, no Raptors...why? B/c the inauguration is bigger than me, you, or the Hawks. So, I'll try to sprinkle in my Hawks thoughts at the break and on pace for 50-32 (though I am on record as saying I still think we'll be short of that)

So, look out for my re-energized Post-Inauguration/Neighborhood Ball (yep, I was at both and so much more in between) Hawks Talk and definitely be on the look out for my first foray into real reporting on Blog Night (Jan. 25th)...all of the regular Hawks bloggers will be in the house, eating (drinking?), and being merry. Some surprises are in store, so let's see how it all pans out.

Also, congrats to Peachtree Hoops for being named the Atlanta Hawks blog du jour for TrueHoop. I would say I'd like to be in Bret's shoes, but then I'm not sure I'd be able to marry true analysis with the highs, lows, and tom foolery that ensues in and around Philips Arena, sooooo I'll just watch with pride from the sidelines...and start on my path to being an unnamed source for the Hawks. Maybe we can get a rumor started that leads us down the path of getting Larry Hughes out of Chicago (for say Flip and Acie - yeah, right?) or a big man (Milsap, are you with me?). Ok, back to my Obama-tized stupor and in MUCH need of a return home to Atlanta

Best & Hawks Luv!!!!!

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Osama Bin Jammin said...

Hey Larry,

Fans of the blog.

We'll see you there, beer on us.