Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Non-Hawks Blog

I wanted to write something that wasn't about the Hawks for a change and I found this blurb about Stephon Marbury. I'll just start by saying that I went to school with Stephon Marbury and the few times I met him - he was a cool cat, but clearly not much for school or a place like Georgia Tech. Atlanta - YES. GT - Not so much. He's done much to destroy his reputation and standing despite immense talent, but it wouldn't be Str8 Talk if I didn't give the guy credit for one thing and that's his goal of building a brand of clothing and footwear that's affordable. While you may believe him to be crazy, you can't call his desire to provide inexpensive, yet stylish gear for our youth as ridiculous. In fact, it's exactly this kind of social consciousness that we want from our athletes. Now, he does lose points for succumbing to the flesh, the money, and the selfishness, but I want to be fair in saying that that's not all Marbury is about and the article below speaks to it. So, for this particular act - you get this week's Str8 Butter Award (since no Hawks deserve it so far this week).

*NBA star Stephon Marbury has recruited rapper Bow Wow to help develop a new line of clothing and footwear for the athlete's Starbury brand, which was launched with the goal of keeping prices reasonably low, reports

Bow Wow says both consumers and designers have essential fiscal responsibilities in light of the current economic recession.

"I think families should have a real choice," Bow Wow told "I want my fans to be able to wear nice shoes and clothing and to also have money in the bank. The smart consumer can have both."

Starbury CEO Marbury echoes that philosophy, and is optimistic the upcoming line can help change the traditional consumer stance of more money equaling better quality.

"At Starbury, consumers do not have to choose between fashion, style, quality, and affordability," Marbury told "They get all four."

The new Starbury line is set to debut in November.

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