Sunday, January 25, 2009

Suns @ Hawks - End of 1st Quarter

1st quarter ends - Suns 27, Hawks 26

Looks like Mo Evans and Solomon Jones decided that they would carry the Hawks on the defensive end while waiting for Joe to heat up. Solomon's defensive presence is making his push for the Str8 Butter Award.

I've been distracted by the beautiful and lovely Kat and Nakia, so this live blog has been interrupted, but for great reason. That being said, the Hawks are up by 3 with 5:48 in the 2nd quarter. As I'm sure my fans of the blog know, I can be easily moved from my fan-dom by the company of the opposite sex. The good thing is - we are still winning, so I have no reason to lash anyone for diverting my attention. I would love it if Joe could get his shooting mojo back - these 40% shooting nights can't last. Ohhh...a Randolph Morris sighting - I cringe at what Drew D has to say about this...back soon!!!!

Let's go Hawks

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