Sunday, January 25, 2009

Suns @ Hawks - Mid 3rd Quarter Update

Ok, it's not going well for the live blogging. Go to or or or...oh, go find the rest yourself if you want to see real live blogging.

I'm too distracted to do a live blog. By what you say, well - the normal bevy of distractions (aka lovely ladies) was in play during halftime in the club level. I thought I had some wingmen from the Hawks Blog Nation, but they all left me so they didn't get to meet the lovely Holly and Renee, who informed me that they wanted to meet Shaq and get a cup of his sweat. (DISTURBING! See, isn't this better than a live blog about the Hawks?)

Anyway, I also got to say hello to my partner, Will Stephens, and a glimpse of the most beautiful creature I've seen at Philips Arena this year (we'll come back to this later). Anyway, the quarter is almost over and I'm still a little upset that we're letting these guys come back and take the lead. let me focus on the game - so no more forays downstairs.

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