Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hawks Blogging From Aspen

Looking out at Aspen Mountain from my perch, it's hard to summon my regular Str8 Talk. So, I will try to give you the white fluffy version...and the fluffy version is - we have officially returned to being the 2006-2007 Atlanta Hawks. The show up when we want, don't do anything strategic all game, make big runs to show that we are good enough to be in a game, but not savvy enough to stave off those 3rd quarter lapses or just not playing hard enough to get over the hump ATLANTA HAWKS. For all of my excitement this year, I'm convinced that the turning point was us not punching back when we played the Orlando Magic back-to-back. Seeing us down by 50 after getting beaten up on our home court struck a chord that said - for everything that happened this season good...this is the sign that we are probably a 6th seed, not really a 4 seed. Since then, nothing has changed my opinion...44-38 here we come. To the thoughts....

1. The Nets Game - here's the summary - we put away a team we should have put away. Women were in abundance for a Friday night game that didn't have a transcendent star and the Hawks didn't embarass me while I had my friend and colleague in attendance with me. Those are all good things. Seeing the lovely Angela with the Globetrotters and the lovely Star happened to be bonuses.

2. The Bucks Game - Didn't see the game b/c I was driving into Aspen at the time, but in true blog fashion - who needs to see the game to comment? I'll simply say this - losing to a team that was bad WITH Michael Redd says a few things:
a) We didn't come to play.
b) I remain convinced that we need to play our bench more. Bucks lose their best player (by far) and still manage to score 110 and beat one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference, so if their bench can pick them up - maybe ours can too.

3. Can we officially end the Jump Shot Josh Smith Era and can we officially declare that something wrong with Joe Johnson - he's been shooting poorly since the end of December (which probably has everything to do with the fact that he's facing double teams left and right) and I'm sure that passing to an open Josh Smith (who is open for a reason - SELF CHECK!) is not helping matters..

Anyway, I don't have much else to say other than the only curse word I hope to utter this week was the one I uttered last night when I saw the Hawks/Bucks score. Now, back to the loveliness that is Aspen...

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