Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hawks @ Jazz - 2/23/09

Here was my decision tonight. Cook spaghetti and watch 24 or watch my Hawks against the Jazz. Well, I selected frozen pizza and 24, so I could quickly get into the Hawks/Jazz game on DVR. Verdict: 1/2 right. Definitely a winner on watching 24, but the frozen pizza was well...as satisfying as watching Jerry Sloan vs. Mike Woodson.

As I watched the game, here's the questions on my mind that all said lead to one conclusion...

1. Was that not the most stark and classic example of watching a team of 5 men vs. 5 men on the same team. Back cuts, low post, screens, running and gunning, hustle, etc.
2. When you allow a team to shoot 70% (that's not a misprint) in the 1st half, it's probably appropriate to write Game Over in your book.
3. Was that Thomas Gardner was playing EARLY in the game? Now, the fact that he has a skill (shooting) that we depend on to win games makes me think - WHY is he not playing when we're struggling with shooting the ball.
4. Is it apparent to you yet, Mr. Sund, that the Hawks have completely checked out on Mike Woodson? And when I mean completely, I mean 100% not giving a rat's ass what he says or does? (Not that I blame them)
5. Can we go ahead and fire anyone related to the free throw shooting part of our drill set?
6. Can I pat myself on the back as the only blogger that I know in the Hawk Nation who called out for this guy Paul Millsap months ago to be on our radar for 2009-2010?
7. Was that 10 Deep that the Jazz went? With 2nd round talent playing...I think I remember Brewer and Miles looking extremely lost early in their careers, but they sure look all the better for PLAYING through the hard times. You hear that, Acie/Solo/Randolph/Thomas?
8. Why did Joe Johnson see any part of the 4th quarter? Did you feel like he wasn't tired enough from his usage with one more game on the road trip or does he have a minutes played clause in his contract?
9. Can I also get some credit for the thought that maybe a lineup adjustment (oh say - the SUPER SUB Marvin off the bench that I was screaming for from game 3 or so of the year) could spark this team and free up our offense a bit?
10. Finally, what happened to the lost art of losing your EVER LOVIN' MIND on a ref and getting ejected to show your team some passion and to let them know that you will not accept the effort that has been put forth? I mean how do you not break windows and chalk and chairs when your team doesn't even SHOW UP! I don't need us to win every game - just need us to compete. I wish I would make $14M and watch what happened today without losing my religion on the coaches for a poor game plan, motivation speech, and in-game strategy and to my teammates for not coming to play.
11. GM Sund, you sure we can't sign Sam Cassell (if only for the playoff savvy and leadership in the locker room), Robert Horry, or someone who will put a foot in asses. Please.................

Final thought on the game - Watching the Woodson post-game interview - it's worth firing his ass alone. The question gets asked - what did you see on the Josh Smith flagrant foul? His response "the play was reviewed - it stood and we'll send in a tape and it is what it is. WTF???? What happened to supporting your player? Either send a message that says - he was wrong and we need him to do better OR you say I thought it was a bad call and I thought he went for the ball (which was my view). That followed by the uh...I thought Mike Bibby was ok, that's what he said and I hope we can get him ready for the next game. NOOOOOOO, Woody! What you do is - let his ass sit until everyone is sure he's ok, play your backups and get your team healthy and playing together for the playoffs. Quit this - try to win every individual game, so your record looks good enough to keep your job and still losing the war vs. playing to prepare for the playoffs that saved your job and could save it again. This is the same strategy that left Acie woefully unprepared to play down the stretch last year (and apparently this year too) when you didn't have any viable backup guard options and STILL didn't play Acie. Uh, you ask - what is the conclusion that all those questions lead us to - does www.firemikewoodson.com have a ring to it?

Anyway, look out for us to close the final game of the road trip with a loss. I haven't seen a sign in 2009 that we are poised to do anything against a good team, all leading up to a loss in the first round of the playoffs. The best thing that can happen to us at this stage is for us to play the Pistons and lose in a sweep. Then, we can use that broom to sweep out the Woodson era.

So, for the first time - I'm sufficiently NOT excited about the playoffs. After feeling the highest high and lowest lows in my Hawk life during last season's playoffs. I'm not even excited about the rest of the year - I've finally been pushed back to the thought that went through my mind throughout the playoffs - the high being that we could shock the world and the low being that we probably saved Woodson's job. All I can think of right now is that maybe, just maybe a 24-like infiltration/covert operation by the squad is afoot and the team realized that they have to get Woodson fired in order for anything to happen positive with the future of our team. Otherwise, I'm at a loss for words.

New Season Prediction - 43-39 (our lowest projection in months) and dropping

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CoCo said...

"Was that not the most stark and classic example of watching a team of 5 men vs. 5 men on the same team."
Um yeah.