Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Time

To My 4 Loyal Readers,

Yes, I'm piling on. I finally gave up last night and I'm so pleased to see that everyone is on one accord. Forget Billy Knight. Forget the Spirit. Forget the players. It's time that we get on one accord. Mike Must Go. I know that every blogger (sans Bret at hoopinionblog.com, ironically) and even the 2 Live Stews today were all over the Hawks poor play today. It was me who said I didn't want 2008 to end for the Hawks and now you see why...we're 11-14 this year and, worse, we're playing awful basketball. So, to see his interview today trying to spin this year and the last 7 games as good is sickening and just a further testament to the fact that I can't even be partial and fair anymore. I will plant evidence, hire informants, or something, but until I get that set up - let me try to explain this to you, Woody.

In 2009, we have beaten TWO good teams (and I'm stretching it to say that Detroit is good - Houston (w/o McGrady) and Detroit). We've played 25 games. The other teams we beat were the Clippers, Raptors, Wizards, Kings, Bulls, Bucks, Wolves, Bobcats, and Nets. We lost to (forget the good teams) the Warriors, Knicks, Bucks, and Clippers. We were pimp slapped by the Clippers AT HOME!!!! Not only did we lose, we were CRUSHED by the Magic (twice - no, I don't give us credit for a spirited comeback in the 4th quarter and an open missed layup by Bibby), Clippers (this bears repeating!), Lakers, Jazz, Blazers, Sixers, and Heat. That's in the last 2 months...not only that, the Magic basically called us out after beating us at home and said they needed to jump on us on the back to back to get us to go away...said that in the paper BEFORE the game - (aka gave us bulletin board material after a game that should have said - we will play hard the next game since our ability to win the division HINGES on it) and what happens - uh...we were down by 50 during the 2nd half... FIFTY!!!!!!!! They told us they needed to jump on us and then, we went out and let it happen to the tune of a 40-50 pt whoopin'.

I won't repeat the rant from last night, but basically - it seems we're all starting to get on one accord. Yes, the players have flaws and problems, but you can't fire the players, so let's GET THIS DONE. As a 25 year fan (through good and bad), I'm now at the point where I can't take another year with Woodson at the helm and I won't go quietly in saying it. So, while it pains me to do this to an Indiana Hoosier grad and seemingly nice guy, I have to just say that - this is BIGGER THAN ME AND YOU. So, you must go. I will do everything possible to encourage the organization to fire Woodson from this point forward (and I hate that it's come to that), but no more excuses after games and blaming the players and never assessing how you can do something different to affect change. I see coaches try things all the time in every city except ....Atlanta! Just like in the White House - it was time for change. Let's get it, people.

FireMikeWoodson.com is for sale.


The Atlanta Hawks #1 Fan


Drew Ditzel said...

1. i am a loyal reader.
2. welcome to the club.

Craig "Speedy" Ehlo said...

Agree to agree.

Bret LaGree said...

I predicted 34 wins. I think it would compound my lack of foresight with some intellectual dishonesty if I pound the team while they're still wildly exceeding my expectations.

That's why I've been on Josh Smith. I thought it was a worthwhile risk to turn the team over to him.

I think everyone appreciates the fact that I'm not in a position to make such decisions. Though Nick Fazekas would still add frontcourt depth.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

Couple of notes...first, Drew - congrats on the Yahoo! deal. I'm gonna be like you and Bret one day - I need MSN or Google or Sporting News (I can join the Stews :) ) or someone to give me some money.

Now, to the point that I have to always communicate...as a fan, I always evaluate a season for what I think can be accomplished. Since Mike Woodson has been the coach, I've believed that we have underperformed. I gave him a pass for the first 2-3 seasons. He didn't have enough weapons to truly blame his coaching for our lack of success. Well, now, Bret - I don't think you should allow your lack of foresight to cloud your ability to expound upon what is increasingly obvious. Who foresaw Arizona (NFL) or Tampa (MLB) or Miami/Atlanta (NFL) this year? Just b/c you didn't expect that success doesn't preclude you from being able to expound upon the glaring weaknesses that could allow for greater 'unexpected' success.

I'm not even divorced from your belief that Josh Smith can take over this team. I am 100% convinced that Josh Smith's lack of production and uneven season is directly attributed to Woodson's coaching. I wholeheartedly believe Woodson's inability to coach Josh (via role understanding and BENCHING) from day one is the problem. Firing him will allow someone to start over with that same thought. I truly believe that all Josh needs is to get the Popovich-Tony Parker treatment. Popovich basically benched Parker every time he took a 3 and by season 2 - he only took 10 3pters all season. Call that MESSAGE DELIVERED. I'd say the same for Josh - I'd define when he's going to hit the bench...it won't be 2 fouls, it'll be anything over 5 seconds on shot clock and outside 15 ft (basically anything inside the free throw distance since he's shown how difficult that shot is for him to hit).

Anyway, I have truly digressed...again, big up Drew - I'm proud of you guys...ESPN/Yahoo - what's next for me? :)