Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Str8Talk Rant, Take 2

Here's the article (coupled with a recession) that's messing up my day...the title is Do The Hawks Have a Back-Up Point Guard?

There are several things that bother me about this article.

1. It has no mention of the fact that both Woody and GM Sund have said that Flip Murray was brought here to backup both guard positions. While I disagree with the notion, there's no doubt that Flip Murray is our backup point guard.

2. Coach Woodson is quoted as saying that no minutes are guaranteed...well, I'd like for him to site one example where (sans injury) he played anyone outside of the top 8 players (Johnson, Horford, Smith, Evans, Pachulia, Bibby, Murray, Williams). As far as I'm concerned, the top 8 players are guaranteed minutes. Now, you may see a dip in Evans or Pachulia based on matchups or fouls, but I've yet to see extended minutes for any of the other 4 players unless it was injury aided. During a season where there are SEVERAL examples of the top 8 not coming 'ready to play' - you'd think that the other 4 players would merit seeing the floor to see if they were 'ready to play' some of those 'non-guaranteed' minutes.

3. Bibby did not join this team last year playing his best. His defense was terrible then and is terrible now. Given time, he has shown that he can be a capable offensive point guard for our team, but he didn't earn that distinction as a result of consistent point guard play. Why do I mention this? B/c it seems that that is the standard Law is being held to, though he isn't seeing more than 9 minutes a game (and really only 3-4 minutes, if at all, during meaningful times in the game or with the starting unit). How do you expect him to run a team he never plays with? How do you expect him to produce when at first mistake - he's headed back to the bench? Or better yet, how do you expect him to build on success when during the few times he has it - he doesn't even get back in the game OR play the following game?

Bottom line, no one knows if Law is ready, but I do know that Woodson has made it clear - he's not ready to allow us to find out the answer. And it's too bad b/c all year - the Blog Nation has been saying - what if Bibby gets hurt OR what if Bibby leaves in free agency? Then, what?

GM Sund...help?


Bret LaGree said...

If you figure out how the Hawks managed to sign Maurice Evans and Flip (back up both guard positions) Murray this summer and still Joe Johnson got run into the ground before the All-Star Break, please let me know. There are only so many things I can try to wrap my head around and right now StubHub's $10 charge to e-mail me tickets is taking up most of that mental space.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

Well, I can give you two answers...
1. First, Evans (no matter what was said) is a small forward and I always thought he was only going to back up Williams on offense and Williams and Johnson on defense, so that's part one.

2. Acie not playing is the only other reason. If you are playing Murray as a backup to both starters, then even Murray's 20 minutes get split btw the guard positions. If you actually were giving Murray about 15 minutes backing up the position he naturally plays, then there's your 33 minutes a game - Joe SHOULD be playing.

Bonus: If Woody figured out what the other coaches have with their stars by using minutes before TV timeouts, quarters ending, etc to get the most rest without losing floor time OR sitting guys when the game is in hand OR sitting guys when we're up by 15 instead of being scared that we're going to lose it in 3 minutes...well, maybe Joe wouldn't be run down...sigh!!!

CoCo said...

I agree with you. Woody doesn't have the heart to sit the starters who are struggling. He'd rather ride them all the way to a loss than attempt to find another hot hand. Also I must have written this 10 times last season, but if Phil can find rest for Kobe, Mike can find rest for Lebron, and etc. Woody should be able to find a few minutes for Joe.