Friday, February 20, 2009

Trade Deadline Rant

Now, as a part of the Hawk Blogger Nation, we tend to start to sound like (generally) a very homogeneous group who see and think the same things. There are some exceptions to that - my stance on Billy Knight and Al Horford probably stand out right now and now, I add another major disagreement. What non-ownership related reason makes ANY sense for us to stand pat during the TRADE DEADLINE!!!!!!

I think it SUCKS that we weren't players at the trade deadline and haven't said ONE word about trying to sign any veterans that get waived or are wanted on the block. Now, I know that much of this may be because of the Atlanta Spirit's court and financial woes, but fool me into thinking that we're trying to improve this team. As I stated at the turn of the year, I'm not satisfied with a playoff berth (there are 16 of those - I don't want to be 16th or 8th or 4th or 2nd - I want a CHAMPIONSHIP in Atlanta!!!!!) or a winning season. Our goal at this stage should be - 50 wins, home court, and making a run for the title (the most important of which is - WINNING A TITLE). Now, I know that we're too flawed for that to be likely, but I don't recall that keeping Arizona from the Super Bowl or Tampa from the World Series or fill in 8th seed from various Stanley Cup Finals. Yes, I know it's harder in the NBA, but the point of this is not that we'd do it (I know our coaching deficiencies would all but eliminate that from happening), but that we are building a roster that is pointed toward winning now.

Why aren't we trying to get Shaq or Camby or Salmons/Miller or McDyess or any low post presence or slasher who doesn't care to shoot a jump shot, but wants to get to the rim. Why aren't we trying to get any player who can make free throws down the stretch? Why aren't we trying to find rebounders who can keep us from being completely dominated by any above average post player? Why aren't we trying to find a defensive perimeter player who can stop a premier point guard to help Bibby on the nights when he's not shooting lights out enough to offset his defensive deficiences? Why are we not finding a vocal leader (can we get Alonzo Mourning to just sit in our locker room?) who demands the best from EACH and EVERY Hawk as well as Woody?

I know that's a long list, but to hear the Hawks involved in NOTHING is actually depressing. If the Cavs, Celtics, Lakers (the BEST in the business) feel like a trade can make their teams better, why is ANYONE happy that we'd stand pat (or worse - just not even get involved or sound interested in doing ANYTHING as if this team is not flawed). Save the 'we're over 10 games' stuff. That's just the Atlanta fan's general acceptance of average or above average.

Well, I'm not from that school of fan-dom. I expect more and I expect better. I support GM Sund, but you can't give me one reason (other than ownership told me not to do anything) that makes sense for not trying to upgrade this roster. If it's solely ownership, I say to them - you can't expect to fill Philips Arena if you don't allow this team to be made whole. We have enough pieces to beat lower tier teams. We have finally gotten over that threshold, but in order to beat playoff teams - and we haven't beaten many since the first 15 games - we need more. And dammit - I'm not sure why folks are so giddy that we're finally beating bad teams (barely) and not demanding more.

Well, put us on record - I want more. Now, go find me a post player, a leader, a defensive stopper...anyone that Woody would trust b/c it's a lost season for Law, for Jones, for Mario West (as a defensive stopper), etc. I'll spend the offseason trying to convince everyone that Woody must go, no matter what our record ends up being, but right now - I'm going into make us great in 2009 mode. Nothing else is acceptable to me. I've watched 6 weeks of mediocre basketball from the Hawks. Basketball that I know for certain won't get us anything less than a sweep against any team other than the Pistons. Now, let's get some pieces and right the ship. Who's with me?

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