Sunday, March 29, 2009

Celtics vs. Hawks - 3/27/09

Rather than do an old school game recap..unlike most - let's focus on the positives from this game.

Celtics 99, Hawks 93

1. While the in-game adjustments were still lacking, let's give Woodson a tad bit of credit. He did try to make a lineup change to see where we could match up with their bigs. Now, whether that's the best way to win vs. the Celtics is debateable, but we have asked for years for Woodson to make attempts and adjustments to show that coaching is happening. In this instance, we'll take what we can get.

2. We did try to get the ball inside to start the game. for the first 2 possessions...

3. We lost by 6 and didn't have Marvin Williams or Acie Law IV. Oh wait, they didn't have KG.

4. We didn't activate Craig Claxton for the game.

Not a long list, but we must look at the positives that occur when you find that you aren't really close to beating any elite teams in the league. Just in case anyone needed a reminder that the 7 game win streak was fool's good - the Spurs, the Celtics, and we'll assume the Lakers - are going to show us just what elite teams do, which is beat teams on the road that they are better than.

Not only that, but it also was proven that teams that depend on jump shooting exclusively cannot go far. So, Magic, Lakers, Spurs, Cavs, and Celtics - we can't beat them consistently unless they underestimate us (which isn't what elite teams do). Can't wait to see how we match up against the Lakers to see if we learn the lessons of Wed and Fri, which is - if you don't play hard, you won't even be competitive against teams better than you.

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