Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hawks at Cavs - 3/21/09

Since the Hawks couldn't bring themselves to bring their A game, we feel no compulsion to try to give a full game recap. In fact, we don't even need to see the end of the game to start this game recap (which is being done while the game is still on). Here's what you need to know:

1. The Hawks came out sloppy on the offensive end with sub-standard energy level. Sloppy on the offensive end happens...sloppy with no energy is unacceptable.
2. At no point was this game in doubt.
3. Technicals given to Bibby, Smith, and Woodson shows just how we quickly we can unravel in the face of the pressure to defeat the best team in the NBA.
4. The game was further proof that whenever we are faced with a challenge on the road - we get blown out (see: Magic vs. Hawks)
5. So much for the people who make the call that the Hawks match up well with the Cavs in a potential second round series...
6. Marvin Williams isn't so disposable after all.

Other Notes:
1. LeBron is freakin' awesome.
2. Acie hurt his lower back and didn't make it for this road trip. So, that explains the reason why he wasn't on the bench in the 2nd half. What's sad is that no one felt the need to report this (in this instant information world we live in) until today. So, it's not just Woody who doesn't care about you, Acie. The media doesn't either.
3. The end of game run was against their 2nd string, so we won't draw any conclusions, but it sure is nice when teams go away from what's not working (see: Hawks / Nuggets and the move to the press to change pace or during the homestand and the use of the bench when we needed a boost). No energy to start the game, but the energy guy never enters the game until it's for all intents and purposes over...hmmm!
4. LeBron is freakin' awesome.
5. How nice it would have been to sign Joe Smith.

Season Prediction

Let's continue to say that we can be 47-35.

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