Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hawks @ Wizards - 3/2/09

No old school game recap here b/c the game isn't worth a full game recap. If we would have lost, I would be out in the streets putting heads on stakes and all that.

So, a few observations:

1. On a back-to-back when your point guard still isn't logging his normal minutes against one of the worst teams out there, let's just go ahead and say it - Acie, put a fork in your season. If Mike Woodson is fired, you may be a useful player for the Atlanta Hawks next season and if not, I hope you get traded to a team that will allow you to attempt to prove your worthiness as a player in this league.

2. Marvin - please be my super sub, even if you aren't a sub. Just continue to play aggressively, please.

3. Josh - please look at the tapes and see how great you look when you are playing inside 12ft. You're not perfect (as in free throw shooting and not being able to give the ball to the point guard on the fast break and get on a wing (James Worthy tapes, where are you?), but you certainly can be my $58 million dollar man.

4. Team - Glad to see you put away a bad team on the road despite weather and all that. I wasn't going to accept any excuses anyway, so thanks for just putting the team away. You did what you were supposed to do. Ignore any praise or any comments going overboard b/c of it. Just get over to New York and let's beat them too.

(BTW - is it just me, but is Nate Robinson REALLY a big enough of a NBA player to be afforded the right to be have the commercials say - the Hawks go to NYC to play Nate Robinson and the Knicks on SportsSouth...I mean really - Nate Robinson! He's been ballin' for sure, but the guy isn't even starting. Wow, this brings new meaning to Kryptonite.)


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