Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pistons @ Hawks - 3/7/09

As the consistent readership knows, Hawk Str8Talk doesn't miss home games, but when faced with the prospect of spending time with friends, my goddaughter, and Andre 3Stacks, Ciara (who is really stunning in person), and their celebrity friends at the Class of 3000 Live as well as an after party at Uptown with Will Power, Idris Elba, Keisha Knight Pulliam, D. Woods and many more (good times, I say) - well, the decision is a little more complex. So, we gave up the opportunity to watch the most obnoxious fan base's team get swept by our fair Hawks to spend time with the kids and rub elbows with folks who can buy drinks for me in VIP (uh, it is a recession, people). Therefore, it's the DVR-enhanced version of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (back by popular demand...)

Game Recap - Hawks 87, Pistons 83

The Good
1. In the last episode of As The Hawks Turn, Josh went all jilted lover on Mike Woodson. Mike Woodson banished Josh to the couch and the flat screen to watch Cinemax instead of ...well, you know. At that moment, we said - either the show will jump the shark and have Josh making smoothies with the fishes or they will determine that it's cheaper to keep her. Well, these economic times prevailed and we had a mea culpa (for one game at least) and the results were eerily Hoopinion-esque. By that we mean that Josh and Al can lead this team to victory. Nothing could make me happier than seeing an active Josh and Al with our backcourt playing the background. Made free throws, blocked shots, rebounds, active defense...all reasons the good josh makes you forget the 2-3 jump shots he's gonna take a game.

2. Joe Johnson didn't have to do much to lead us to victory. Just seeing two people follow him around and having him give it to players who only have 1 on them was a revelation.

3. Seeing lots of passes made me giddy.

The Bad
1. Can we put an end to the Josh Smith bout with the referees. We'll get bad calls, but my goodness...I mean really - just think it took Rasheed about 7-8 years before he got to the epic 41 technicals in one season level, so let's keep this in mind. Having him arguing with the refs with 2 minutes left and the Pistons running the other way is just not acceptable. Good thing we won the game or this would be in the ugly column...

2. 3 minutes for Acie...sigh! This would have been ignored had we not seen Will Bynum (former Georgia Tech quasi-star) getting 10 minutes that it seems like we could find for Acie, but we digress.

3. Joe Johnson looking unhappy to be playing basketball. Maybe there's a reason for the 4th quarter ISO.

The Ugly
1. Rasheed Wallace's descent to mediocrity.

2. Marvin's game - now maybe this was because he was having back problems, but we definitely want to reissue our vote for Marvin off the bench as super sub. Whenever he is the #1 option, Marvin plays like a new man.

3. That I wasn't there when the crowd was alive and well to shake the Pistons down the stretch.

It's going to take more than beating the sorry Pistons to convince me we've turned the corner. Beat the Hornets and Jazz and we'll reconsider our belief that we have the 6 seed in our future.

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