Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spurs @ Hawks - 03/26/09

Real is scary that the first thing that passed through the brain waves when it was announced that Tim Duncan was not playing was - damn, now - we will let up in some way to allow us to lose this game.

Prophetic as that was...there were several cuss words spit during this game. Let us recount them for you:

1. The Hawks Dance Team put up as much effort as the Hawks did versus Tony Parker drives to the lane.
2. The UGA Dance Team put up an even WORSE performance. (Full disclaimer: Ga. Tech grad is the blogger writing this, but trust - if they did well, we'd let you was - well, let's just say you need to be smokin' hot to pass that off as a performance worthy of our visual enjoyment. Take it on faith - no smokin' hot to be found).
3. Whenever Matt Bonner takes you OFF THE DRIVE to score a layup, you deserve to be pulled from the game. Needless to say, Josh Smith continued his uninspired play.
4. Of course, it is no surprise that Tony Parker could find success against us (like almost every other above average starting point guard), but here's what became frustratingly clear - the strategy of switching on every screen is NOT effective for our team against a player of Parker's caliber. This is when you hope your coach makes an adjustment. Of course, that kind of work is above Woodson's pay grade. On the fly changes, traps, etc - that's just too much to ask for more than 2 times a month.
5. It's hard to watch a non-MVP quality player go for 40 and 10 on your home floor. It's even harder when that person is actually the third best player on the team and the two players ahead in the pecking order aren't in the game.
6. Who was the post presence that was stopping us from trying to actually pound the paint? Which defensive MVP candidate were we avoiding? Thomas? Bonner? Gooden? Bueller? Bueller?

Ok, enough ragging on the home town playoff bound Hawks. (Note: that's all we're going to say about the playoffs. We've known this for months that this was a playoff bound team, so to get excited about being one of 16 teams is silly. If anything, we're going to just continue to report how shameful it was that we were NOT one of those 16 for 9 straight years, but don't expect to see any kudos here. Like Chris Rock said, quit looking for credit for things you're supposed to do.)

Let's see how we can bounce back as we play against another of the PGs we could have taken during the Billy Knight era (oh, did we mention that Tony Parker could have been had or that Rajon Rondo could have been had as well - of course, that means we'd have to presume that Mike Woodson would have played them enough to develop into elite point guards... oh never mind!)


Zoe said...

Not handling a Duncan-less, back-to-back-road-weary Spurs squad IN ATLANTA has to be one of the low lights of the season. Didn't see the game, but Josh Smith's 3-12 FG / 6-11 FT bespeaks a whole lotta shots from beyond his comfort zone. Ugh.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

Nah, not even remotely a lowlight. A lowlight was losing to the Clippers in a blowout at home or losing by 30 to the Magic on the road when a division title was still conceivable. This was a championship level team showing their mettle against a team who doesn't have a coach that maximizes its strengths. Josh took some bad shots, but nothing more than what we should all be accustomed to right now.

If you want to know how the night went, just imagine a screen coming for Parker, the screener taking away the guy we WANT defending Parker and leaving Al, Zaza, or some other big to check Tony as he goes to the cup REPEATEDLY.