Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Timberwolves vs. Hawks - 3/23/09

Since this game certainly didn't rise to the level of a fair fight (Hawks being a NBA team, the Wolves being NBDL worthy), we won't rise up to complete an entire game recap, but I'm feeling very collegiate today, so let's play questions:

Game Recap - Hawks 109, Timberwolves 97

  • How bad do the Timberwolves suck?
  • Can Kevin McHale look anymore like he wishes it was 1984 again and he could participate in games where basketball IQ is a standard, not a bonus attribute to play in the NBA?
  • Is it too nitpicky to feel like the Hawks should have sat their starters by the first 2 minutes of the 4th quarter where the reserves would only have to score about 10 pts from that point to secure the victory?
  • If I'm Thomas Gardner, am I upset that Mario West is playing double digit minutes in games?
  • If I'm Randolph Morris, am I giving Mike Woodson the middle finger for waiting to see if Flip Murray can set his career high before letting me play in a blowout?
  • As a whole, what's the point of putting your starters BACK in the game at the 8 minute mark when you're up 20?
  • Again, how bad are the Timberwolves right now?
  • Does anyone remember going into the post last night? Al? Josh? Anyone besides Flip?
  • Is the writer of this blog a prick for having this many nitpicky things to say after one of the easiest home wins of the season?
  • Isn't it predictable that the lack of playing time has zapped the small amounts of usefulness that Solomon Jones provided early in the season?
  • Can I reasonably say that Mike Woodson and the bench is like oil & water?
  • Isn't it sad that seeing the Atlanta Dance Team perform thrice did not give me one iota of energy?
  • Isn't it just as sad that the people who make people watching so fab every game decided that not even the WOLVES were worthy of a show and tell?
  • Finally, what does it say about my future parenting skills when I judge a family's child rearing by how tuned in a kid is to being a Hawks fan? The 9 year old next to me knowing all the players, yelling the right chants and boos all game made me smile. Those parents are doing a wonderful job.
Ok, I win....the undisputed questions champ is leaving the building.

47-35. Enjoy yourselves at the Highlight Factory for the rest of the week. I'll see you there Wed & Fri (and hopefully Sun)

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