Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hawks @ Bucks - 4/8/09

Here's the quickest recap the Hawks/Raptors recap. Bad first half D, enough talent to win one quarter vs a bad team..inspiring little confidence that we are addressing the fatal flaws in playing the same way against good to great teams vs. listening to the post-game remarks that seem to highlight the fact that we know that we can't continue to play this way.

Game Recap - Hawks 113, Bucks 105

Only caveat is that if there wasn't distrust in Coach Woodson's ability to sit a player he doesn't trust for no apparent reason - we'd say that Acie got a night off on the back-to-back to keep him fresh and healthy for the playoffs, but again...said distrust that we have just makes it easier to say - why would a player want to play for Coach Woodson. Barring unsaid injury concerns/flare-ups, basically we're saying that the Acie Law era in Atlanta is functionally dead. If you can't play him vs. two awful teams, then you can't play him ever.

Now, understand that his play can be situationally useful in the playoffs, but quite frankly - it's useless to predict when Coach Woodson will believe that to be the case, so let's just trade the guy for someone who Coach Woodson trusts in the offseason (or even better - let's keep him and trade for a coach who develops trust in his players throughout the season).

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