Friday, April 3, 2009

Hawks @ Celtics - 4/3/09

We will only spend as much effort on this game as the Hawks did...

1. This game functions as exhibit 34 for why it's not worth getting excited about this team's prospects beyond the first round. The effort in the second half was not only piss poor, but it was the tale of two halves where the first half was a team effort and the second half was playground one-on-one quality for the Hawks offense.
2. Forget the score - this game really wasn't in contention and that happens...what should be embarrassing and troubling psychologically is that Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo barely even played in the 2nd half. Oh, and there was another guy who didn't play too - some top 50 in NBA history guy that will remain nameless.
3. The Celtics interior defense, in pure layman terms, punked our a##es. It's hard to recall a time when the Hawks have been turned away at the rim so many times, but regardless of that fact - it seems curious that we did not concentrate on trying to foul out Kendrick 'there's not a pump fake I can't stay on my feet for' Perkins and Big Baby Davis with our low post offense. Oh..wait for it - what low post offense (I KILL ME!)
4. Despite the 4 pt deficit at half, here's what was actually the reason game over was recorded in our notebook. The halftime report from James Verrett was that our assistant coaches said that to win the game we'd need to heat up from outside. So, there is foul trouble on the interior. You're only down 4 and your plan coming out of half is to get HOT from outside...can it be noted ONCE again - that whenever analysis is made for what the players aren't doing to win games that we note that our coaching staff is TRULY not helping this organization become the best it can be. It's going to be hard for this blog to place any blame on ANY player (not Josh, not Bibby, not Joe, not Marvin, not Acie) until we decide that we will make tactical decisions to put us in the best positions to win. Only three times this year has a tactical decision during the game been apparent to the naked eye. And that would be ok if it wasn't the 75th game...

So much for 'rivalries'...that talk should have been extinguished as of TODAY. No more rivalry talk from us about the Celtics until maybe 2010-2011. We won't be playing them again until next season and nothing that we've done this season reflects a need to gin up a rivalry for the sake of our desire to feel like we pose a threat to elite teams in this league.


Bret LaGree said...

I really wish I had thought to use "piss poor" in my recap. Pithy and accurate.

This is how I spend a Friday night?

plez... said...

we need a marquee big man to hold it down in the middle (a la shaq or howard)... too many easy shots & layups doomed the hawks tonite.

THHB said...

I didn't catch that comment from Verrett---that's classic---

Let's see, I guess we could start shooting from 26 feet away--oh wait, Bibby tried that in this game as well---

We could try to shoot over all 5 players--wait, tried that too--

We can play all outside shooters in the game--hmmm, did that--

I guess we do have to just get "more hot"---yes, let's coach to more hot. Perfect!

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

Well, Plez - I'd agree that we could use a marquee big man, but I'd actually settle for a Perkins or Davis or Milsap or someone who just understands how to play interior defense and can rebound the basketball. Now, that said, I continue to believe that our coaching philosophy is much worse than anything personnel can do for us. So, I'm of the mindset that outside of just super elite talent (which can't be denied) - I just would prefer a new coach who uses the team's assets to win games.

All this year has proven to me is that for all the complaining we did about Billy Knight - he certainly didn't leave the cupboard dry and if you put talented players on the court they usually will beat teams with less talent. As soon as that isn't the case, the Hawks will normally be defeated.

So, yeah - find the tape...I just wanted to throw something at the TV when he said - we need to get HOT from outside. Huh? That's a strategy for beating the Celtics. Might as well say - we need Joe to go out there and ignore the triple teams and get 40 or hey, we need Mario West to start hitting some 3s - that's what it is gonna take. It's just sad some times...let's see how tonight goes vs. the Magic and whether we can step up to the challenge.