Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hawks @ Grizzlies - 4/15/09

Again, let's try to make this blog even shorter than the last (back to back record setting game recaps).

There's nothing worth mentioning besides the fact that it's astounding to this blogger that Flip and Maurice are playing more than 10 minutes in this game. So what if Craig Claxton sucks wind for most of the game. A game of a 6 man rotation of Morris, West, Jones, Gardner, Hunter, and Claxton is basically all that should have seen the court.

Seeing Josh, Zaza, Mo, and Flip is just ridiculous...that said, everyone is safe. Backitis did not set in again, so let's get on with it - when am I coming to Philips...Sat/Mon or Sun/Tues...let's crank this thang up!!!!

Final Note: This will be the last time I quote my desire for an outcome that allows ownership to can Coach Woodson since all energy is now on the Hawks winning a NBA championship, which means no matter what happens or what I say throughout this playoff run short of an Eastern Conference Finals appearance - I want him to be fired, but will support him to the fullest during the playoffs. Woo-sah!!!!

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