Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hawks @ Raptors - 4/7/09

In this week's edition of As The Hawks Turn, we have games with the Raptors, Bucks, and Pacers which all need to find themselves in the win column. Staying with our theme of WWGTD (What Would Good Teams Do), there is no excuse for us to lose to any of these 3 teams with the playoffs upcoming and home court on the line. Period.

So, while we wanted to do an old school game recap, we have to go with a more appropriate Likes & Dislikes...

Game Recap - Hawks 118, Raptors 110

The Likes
  1. Coach Woodson for playing Al Horford and Joe Johnson long enough to get their 3rd fouls in the first half...and guess what? (Wait For It) They ended the game with 3 FOULS! Maybe this empirical evidence will encourage a loosening of the 2 fouls in the first half rule for good.
  2. Coach Woodson for playing an activated Acie Law IV in 2 stints. While saying a big apology to Mario and Solo for having to fall on the sword, but it's pretty evident that the only 9 players that we want to see in the playoffs are the starting 5, Flip, Marvin, Zaza, and yes...Acie. Hopefully, we can get the rotation solidified for the postseason with these remaining 4 games.
  3. Mike Bibby and Al Horford for putting up solid double doubles tonight.
  4. Josh Smith for putting some effort and aggressiveness on both ends of the court in the 2nd half. When he makes it happen, we are a different team.
  5. Shooting well from the field, 3pt range, and free throws..
  6. Seeing Marvin Williams on the bench in a suit.
The Dislikes
  1. Seeing Josh Smith taking more 3s once again. For every good thing that comes of the points received, it can only be worse down the line when the 28% 3pt percentage becomes true again. You know it's bad when you realize the negative impact of your player's scoring. We had just gotten Josh to STOP shooting 3s...ugh! Just in time for the playoffs..
  2. Seeing PFs leading breaks and passing the PG as they go down the court...double ugh!
  3. That shooting well from the field, 3pt range, and free throws only yields a 8pt victory that was close until late in the 4th quarter.
  4. That the lowly Raptors scored 110 pts...and letting them win the first half with almost 60 pts - ridiculous
The 2009 LIM Ratio still stands at 1 and for the season is less than 2. Feeling very skittish about how we're playing with regard to being GOOD teams, not these bottom feeders...we will end the season 47-35.

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