Friday, April 17, 2009

Hawks/Heat Playoff Prediction

Listen up, Hawks Fans! Old crusty ATL Hawks #1 Fan is out the door (until the Hawks lose a game that means we won't see them until preseason 2009-2010) improved ATL Hawks #1 Fan cheering for everything that happens positive and spinning everything that's negative to be positive.

Ok, so everyone is trying to make this series real complicated - here's what it comes down to. If we play hard, we win in 5. While certainly never underestimating the ability for referees and an awesome talent to sway a series, it's hard to make me believe that a team that is pretty much Wade, Beasley, half of an O'Neal, and a bunch of bums will beat a Hawks team that is only short of full strength by Marvin and Acie's back woes.

If you watched the games played by these two teams all season, let's go ahead and just be honest - we only lost b/c we couldn't hit the barn during a 13 1/2 minute stretch where we had NO field goals. That's over a quarter's worth of time of NOT scoring ONE field goal. Now, that game was where we couldn't finish at the rim, one player had to leave the game, and we had the (wait for it) - oh, we didn't come out and play hard excuse come to bear (this time from Joe Johnson). Now, compare that to the game I went to Miami to check out as well as the home games and honestly, I think everyone is saying 6 games and 7 games b/c they don't want to give D Wade bulletin board material or some level of 'disrespect'. Well, check out this disrespect: D Wade shouldn't be able to beat the Hawks by himself and their coach is less experienced than ours, so we're going with them winning one home game.

Let's close it out in Game 5 and then be mad that we aren't playing the Celtics (or Bulls) for a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals. That's what it is...


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