Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heat @ Hawks - 4/14/09

We will try to set a Hawk Str8Talk record for having the least to say in a game recap blog. So, let's get to it:

1. Would have loved to see no starters touch the floor (except Mario West).
2. Would love to see Craig Claxton play more than 3 minutes in the first half.
3. Would love to see Thomas Gardner get minutes this year playing the Eddie House role. Another in the line of players where there is nothing in the time he put in that made me think he couldn't touch the court in 70 of 81 games.
4. Cringed at Nique's assertion that Marvin Williams will certainly be in the starting lineup Game 1 of the playoffs. (Come back, Mo Evans - PLEASE!)

Don't even care whether we won the game or not - just care about not having any injuries. Finally, would like to sit in a room with the person who asserted on www.peachtreehoops.com's message boards that a) Mike Woodson is taking a bad rap for his coaching prowess and b) Joe Johnson and Josh Smith aren't really that far off in long range shooting ability (and based this on percentages alone). We love statistical analysis, but we have no words for why this even is a discussion point, so again - reveal yourself and come sit in my re-education classes.

Oh yeah, Hawks 81, Heat 79 (no links b/c you don't want to know what happened - it's really immaterial). Hawks Record - 47-34 and we've spent the last 4 weeks saying that the Hawks would end up 47-35, so let's go ahead and chalk up this loss tomorrow night.

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