Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Game 5 Thoughts

Quickly, after seeing the post-game video..uh, I have a few questions:

1. The Heat seem to be of some mindset that Game 1 wasn't the true high school pick up highlight type game. Was there something other than Josh's not-a-dunk that they saw that we didn't see? There wasn't any embarrassment train that happened last night. As we said in the previous post, teams love to pick at something to motivate themselves. They'll even make something up to do just that.

2. They also will lie to make themselves feel good. The Heat coach said two other false things. First, he said the Heat are really good at home. 13 teams had the same or more home victories than the Heat. Those teams are either in the West (the first 9) and the top 4. Meaning all the teams that are better than the Heat have better home, what makes that 'really good'. Nothing...not only that, you weren't really good when we beat you there in the regular season or when we beat you in Game 4. Lastly, they will also make up a fact and that's that Game 5 was the first time we were good offensively - well, we shut down the offense in Game 1 and there were fewer possessions in Game 1. We shot 42% in Game 5 and 46% in Game 1. The game was over in the 3rd quarter, so it stands to reason that we didn't go and try to score another 20 pts (with that non-highlight reel respect thing we stopped adhering to last night in effect). But again - you gotta fire up your troops with something, even lies are acceptable in those cases.

3. Finally, a minor gripe...early in the season, we had great ball movement and the Hawks played some spirited offense. Guys spaced the floor and were ready to shoot when receiving the ball off of a JJ double team. Is it just me or have we stopped spacing ourselves to receive the ball in the position to shoot for a REASON? In Game 5, I noticed that on many possessions - we would have two players to places that were 30 feet from the basket in order to help JJ deliver the ball from the double team. JJ is 6-8. If he can't get the ball from the double team to the shooter, then he's not who we thought he was. I don't think that's a JJ issue, but is a design issue or player flaw. All I know is that I kept thinking that Flip had about 3-4 more 3pt shots that he could have drained if he was in shooting position vs. 5 feet behind the 3 pt line when the double team came. Anyway, I'll be watching this closely in Game 6.

With that, we're gone.

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