Monday, April 27, 2009

Stating The Obvious

Here's to hope that the Hawks watched the Bulls and the Sixers yesterday. The key component being a dogged desire to compete. Yes, both teams have flaws, but the one thing that was apparent was that they were going to go down attacking and utilizing their strengths. If that doesn't work then so be it.

That's what we've discussed all season. The lack of camaraderie, leadership, and ability to summon energy has been evident all season. The desire to play one on one basketball, to not pull together on the defensive end, and to show little leadership. The point here is that the Hawks have won not b/c of the collective producing an awesome result, but b/c the individual parts have normally been better than the other team's parts. This is only successful in the regular season. And you can't turn on a switch to make that work, so let's see if the one thing that has nothing to do with scheme, talent, and intangibles is still left - that's heart.

Having a player's only meeting at this stage is meaningless in our eyes. You don't fix those year long issues in a meeting, but you can show that you have heart. You should do that every night, but especially in the playoffs. Here's a take on our leadership troubles by Sekou Smith, though it's really just the same info we've been saying since very early this season.


CoCo said...

The Bulls play makes me ashamed to be a Hawks fan. I'm serious. The Hawks need to be watching that series and the Philly/Orlando series for a lesson in what playoff basketball is supposed to be. You are supposed to leave it all on the floor!!!!!! We can't leave anything on the floor because we don't bother to bring it out of the lockerroom. Even minus KG the Bulls should not be in this series let alone winning overtime games against that veteran team. It just shows how hard they're trying. I'd kill to see that type of effort from the Hawks.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

Correct and that's with acknowledgement that those teams hadn't been showing that kind of consistent effort all season. I get why you relax during the season on certain nights, but in the PLAYOFFS!!! Seriously...