Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hawks/Heat - Round 2, Game 2 Recap

Ok, we're going to just do this in bullet points. There was no good in this game, so we're going to just break it down into coach vs. players.

What I Hate About Our Players:
  1. Saying the same things each game about our team - holla if you've heard these things before.
  2. If things don't go our way early, we stop playing.
  3. If we get smacked, we become the anti-Derek Fisher/Eddie House.
  4. Josh not having an understanding of his limitations (and to be fair, he did not get foul calls and even got called for 3 fouls that weren't fouls) on offense or forgetting how great a help defender he could be.
  5. Joe not taking this game by the balls and making something happen OR even looking like he is emotionally invested in this team. Everyone does things differently, but damn Joe - fake it please.
  6. No one on the bench looking even a tenth as excited to be in the playoffs and invested in the game and its welfare as the Cavs do. (This one is new!)
  7. Uh, watching LBJ isolated on Solomon Jones to end the half and not seeing ONE player thinking that it might be a good idea to help him.
What I Hate About Our Coach:
  1. Have I discussed how bad our offensive strategy is? What happened to that side-to-side ball movement that was going to prove that you were coaching better than before.
  2. Oh, ok - well, what about our defensive strategy of not getting the ball out of LBJ's hands?
  3. Ok, since I've talked about those things - let's see if I can highlight some things that made me go through the roof...starting with the fact that NOTHING HAS CHANGED ON O or D
  4. That after seeing that we didn't want to play tonight that he didn't just put in the subs to see what they could bring to the table.
  5. If your star says he's tired and you're down by THIRTY POINTS, sit him down. Oh, but no - let's just let him get hurt and flush ANY shot you had to win games in this series down the drain (Note: The worse thing about this is that it actually gives him an excuse for losing in historic fashion.)
  6. When Josh is having a meltdown, why not sit him down so someone can calm him down and get him focused.
  7. When down 35pts, why are players who start for you STILL in the game? For that matter, why is anyone that you need knowing that you are already shorthanded in that game at that point.
  8. So, have I proven my point that Coach Woodson is sometimes so consumed with the individual battle that he doesn't understand the war? I sat for 10 minutes saying - take the starters out of the game before Joe hurt himself. Let's wave the white flag and fight on another day.
  9. Can you tell us in the post-game press conference what you have against Acie Law?
  10. Can you tell us in the post-game press conference why it took so long to play Thomas Gardner? Or better yet, let us know what is so awful about him that he is playing behind Mario West? In a small sample size, he sure looked like he could be servicable. Stayed in front of LBJ on one possession, hit his first 3...just not sure why he only can get 98 minutes in an entire season.....
Anyway, there's more stuff I could get mad about - I could talk about how I saw LeBron commit 5 fouls, but he only had 1. Anyway, Cavs are better - we get it, but the fact that we're not showing any heart, we're not playing hard, our coach is useless (and when I mean useless - I mean I honestly think I can do a better job right now), and I've never been this disillusioned with a team is making my heart hurt. Literally.

If I get a guarantee that we'll fire the coach, I'm all for just losing these next two games by 40pts each. Which kills me to say, but it's just time for change. First Barack, now Woody. And then, for the first time - I'm actually ok with trading damn near everyone on the team for players with heart. It hurts me to say that, but waking up without Joe, Josh, Mike, etc doesn't bother me one bit if this is what we'll do when faced with adversity. Maybe I'll change my mind, but blowing this thing up isn't all that bad an idea to me right now.

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