Wednesday, May 6, 2009

High Blood Pressure

So, I was about to give up my rant today and then, I happened to read this from my good friend (well, I'm going to reevaluate whether or not - we're friends since he did post this with the knowledge that I'm about to blow a gasket after last night's game), Bret's latest post. Click here for his concise take

Mike Woodson's Quote - "I've got to get them more in sets where we move the ball from side to side. That's on me. I felt like I didn't help them as much as I could have last night, from a coaching standpoint. So I have to get better in Game 2 and see if I can get them over the hump."

Larry's Reaction - "Kiss my ---" How do you expect your players to play hard and go to battle for you if YOU aren't going to 'help' them as much as you possibly can during a game. We are less than confident that you are capable of doing better in Game 2, but if you can - don't stop there. Do better for the remainder of your tenure as coach of the Atlanta Hawks. Period. "Get them over the hump"...really, Coach. Really?!? Damn, I was almost over last night until I saw this. Thanks, Bret...

[In my best mumble] mean to tell me that in the biggest game of his coaching career - he didn't help his team as much as he could have?? Was there some defense that Mike Brown put on him that prevented him from doing that? At least, the players can accuse the other team of getting in the way...but the COACH!!!!! [Oops, leaving mumble mode.] It's gonna be a long day...

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