Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This off the Atlanta Hawks Twitter page.

Woody: "I think we need to develop our bench more going forward. Cleveland exposed us some with our injuries, so we will work on that."

In theory, this is great. See our numerous posts early in the season regarding the need to develop the players on the bench and to do so at the expense of a few games in the win column would only benefit us in the postseason and beyond.

In practicality, this will be the third straight offseason that Mike Woodson has said a variation of this quote. In fact, last season - he discussed how it probably was a mistake to not give Acie Law IV more time down the stretch (despite the fact that there were only 2 point guards on the roster). This season, after determining that the bench wasn't worth developing (despite numerous injuries throughout the season), we still are no closer to determining if Solo, Acie, or Thomas are worthwhile NBA players. Specifically, with Acie, there are only 2 point guards on the squad and none possess the skill that Acie does have - penetrating, fast breaking point guard. So, color me unconvinced that this quote means anything.

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