Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hawks Thoughts

Now, that we've found ourselves on the precipice of finding out who the best NBA team is in the league - it's now time to discuss a few things to put our opinion out regarding what the Hawks need to do this offseason. We'll do it in bullet-fashion to keep this easily digestable.

1. Either fire or extend Mike Woodson - To leave him in his last season with no contract extension just smells like disaster. Players don't respect his coaching acumen as it is, but to have him trying to coach without any future commitment will strip him of any ability to provide any 'teaching' lessons to players with contracts longer than his.

2. Find a leader who believes in the Mike Woodson philosophy - the only way Coach Woodson's way will take hold is to have a player who believes in it and can lead this team. That needs to happen ASAP.

3. Re-sign Zaza Pachulia - He's your only active energy big coming off the bench and those guys are necessary to win titles. As a starter, no. As a bench player, absolutely.

4. Figure out the point guard position. Yes, Mike Bibby when he's making shots is servicable, but you will not win a title with Mike Bibby at starting point guard. You can win with him as a backup point guard OR with a sublime talent who can organize the offense. The Hawks can't afford to continue to pay more than $6M for a player who isn't going to win you a title. Let's put that money into a Ramon Sessions and either decide that Acie Law plays as backup point guard OR trade him and draft a point guard that you WILL give 10 minutes a night to develop him.

5. Determine what to do with Josh Childress, Flip Murray, and your draft picks. Yes, we need some servicable bigs, so that the Mario Wests, Randolph Morrises, and Solomon Joneses are at the end of your bench. It would be nice if we could determine that Al Horford is not your center, but just having 4-5 bigs would be nice to rotate during a season.

Here's what we'd consider as a championship lineup:

C: No Championship Center
PF: Horford
SF: Smith
SG: Johnson
PG: No Championship PG

2nd team
C: Pachulia
PF: None
SF: M. Williams
SG: Murray
PG: Law

So, what this means is that we need to use our chips to determine who the center, PG, and backup PF would be to make us into a championship caliber team. where Maurice Evans fits into that - we don't know, but we do believe that Horford and Smith need to be significant pieces that the offense plays through in order to maximize the best in the Hawks. The J. Johnson show has run its course. He's a great complimentary piece - a Gasol to the missing Kobe, but counting on Joe Johnson to take us to the promised land is not the answer. Hopefully, Sund understands this and allows us to see players get drafted that actually play.

Enjoy the rest of the playoffs!!!

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