Friday, June 26, 2009

Tears of a Clown

We'll keep this short - which is a significant accomplishment for us.

I don't believe anything that was said tonight. Jeff Teague will not make one dent for the Atlanta Hawks this season or next. Who knows if he'll be a good player, but I'm fairly sure he won't be a good player for us. Just what I've been conditioned to believe. We had a shot at Blair who would have solved some rebounding woes no matter what happens with Zaza.

So, we go another draft with our most glaring problems not addressed (or even attempted to be addressed). Let's hope that this free agency period is much better. Oh, and we're intentionally ignoring our 2nd round pick. When thinking that in the next pick - we could have had a 7ft presence that could contribute, but no we went back to what we are accustomed to. So, again - no distributor, no defensive help, no low post scoring. Yep, these are our Hawks. The fact that Blair was picked by San Antonio says everything about whether or not I feel like we messed up tonight. Jamal, Jeff, and Sergey...yep, you'd think someone died tonight. And something did - my faith that our draft acumen would change with new management. Color me unconvinced...

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