Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things I Learned This Playoff Season

It's different watching basketball through the eyes of a blogger. Before, I just made assessments and then logged in my brain in anticipation of the nearest barber shop debate on topics that only my eyes and mouth can articulate. Now, I think in Blog Titles and Subject Matter. All year, we blogged about every game and important point that we felt need to be made...things such as - Sign Paul Milsap, Get someone at the midseason break, Play players as if they could be used during the postseason, etc...

Now, we present to you our 'Things The Playoffs Have Taught Us' edition of Hawks Str8Talk

1. Heart can make up for a lack of talent. It goes without saying that the teams that are playing in the latter half of the playoffs never say die. Even when down by 25 pts at half, a serious playoff team will continue to fight and play until the final whistle. That's a requirement to be taken seriously in the playoffs. Teams such as Houston, Chicago, & Boston have demonstrated that during games. Teams such as Los Angeles, Orlando, and Cleveland have demonstrated that when confronted with a poor effort that it won't be tolerated or repeated after such effort. I would prefer to cheer for a Hawks team that is less talented, but has championship heart than a team that is more talented with the heart of a tin man.

2. Coaching and Matchups Matter - There's nothing new in the playoffs - just different lineups and plays. You use the ones that work and junk the ones that don't. It is required to mix it up when faced with the fact that your way doesn't work. Translation: If your team is not performing well, stop and make adjustments. The day we do that is the day we lose games by less than double digits (by the way, the Hawks hold the NBA record for most consecutive losses by double digits).

3. LeBron James is the best player on the planet. Don't be deceived by the fact that the Cavs lost to the Magic. That was a direct reflection on 'Coach of the Year' Mike Brown and the fact that Orlando has more players that decided to play than LeBron James. What you saw is simply one of the greatest playoff performances in NBA history. Unfortunately, he was playing 1 on 5 for most of the Orlando series. But you are only one consistent post player or dead eye shooter away from the LeBron string of disrespect to Kobe, but he had 3 players other than him that are better than Mo Williams during the playoffs and that's the difference.

4. That this playoff season for the Hawks actually made me depressed about the future of the Hawks in a directly opposing fashion than the Hawks playoff season from 2008. Go back to #1 and #2 to know why.

We'll be back next week with our thoughts on the NBA Finals, coaches that we'd love for the Hawks, and trades, signings, and draft picks.

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