Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Would Make Me Happy

Since bloggers all have opinions and statistical analysis to support it (well, maybe only a few use stats), we are going to provide something of a 'what would make me happy' thought...

1. We are on record as saying that no single thing is more important to the Hawks organization than solving the coaching situation. Now, since it seems that we're rolling with a lame duck coaching situation...we have already lowered the Hawks 09-10 regular season/playoff projections by 5 games and one less playoff series. So, what can be done in that area to improve their lot in life - we offer you.. Bill Laimbeer. Yes, Bill Laimbeer resigned from the WNBA's Detroit Shock, a team he took to WNBA titles.

Now, we want to be clear - Bill Laimbeer needs to show off his chops as an assistant in the league and what teams needs better assistants than the Atlanta Hawks. Who better to discuss championship mettle, the importance of leadership, the critical nature of low post presence, and toughness. Now, we don't know if Bill Laimbeer is the answer, but we'd be willing to roll the dice with him and I'm sure he'd be happy with the bump in salary that would come from going from the WNBA to the NBA (which is right up the Atlanta Spirit's alley). Yep, we said it - Bill Laimbeer for coach..assistant coach! Nothing like preparing a succession path in case your first case fails (and yes, it's set up for a horrible failure as presently constituted - see our post on why having Mike Woodson as a lame duck is much worse than Mike Woodson in any other state...we think this is saying a lot)

2. We hope that if we are going to go with lame duck Mike Woodson that we should trade our pick plus some piece (Marvin Williams, Acie Law, Craig Claxton) to get veteran players who don't need to be coached. Lord knows - Woodson isn't coaching 'em up and his philosophy is as stale as a coaching philosophy can be, but he has shown that if he gets veterans - he'll let them play and figure it out. So, let's provide him players that will cater to his coaching style to maximum effect. So, we look at players like Paul Milsap, Ramon Sessions, and the like and just salivate. What we don't want to see is another young talent sit on the bench.

3. For us to stop talking about what Josh Smith can't do and focus on the fact that he's still VERY young and can do things that not many can. Look at Lamar Odom - the very inconsistent, yet ultra talented forward who just won a title. No, he's probably not going to lead you to a title by himself, but he can be a critical piece with coaching. Yes, he will be maddening if he's not coached well, but he's also a top 10 talent that can be a championship level difference maker when coached. Let's focus on coaching the talent vs. giving it away.


CoCo said...

Sigh. All of my thoughts are cluttered and surrounded by profanity at this point. I still need time.

ATL_Hawk_Luv said...

Forgive me for talking about doing things that don't require coaching, then putting in a point about Josh (who needs coaching to be a star). Yep, these are our Atlanta Hawks!